Swing swing by themselves on a mysterious video

A swing swinging on their own in a mysterious videoA photo from open sources

The entry below was received at the beginning of the current month in the Indian village of Hajala. Mysterious movie demonstrates swing in a local park, which swing, apparently, themselves by oneself.

The authors of the article claim that the ghost is probably all to blame a child who once died on this playground. Video fast scattered around local sites and then spread over the limits of the Indian segment of the Internet.

The fact that the mysterious footage was shot in broad daylight made many Web users believe in their authenticity. At first you might think that the swing is swinging after someone pushed them, but such a theory must be quickly discarded to the side. At around 58 seconds you can see how they perform a new leap, although no one is in their immediate vicinity. Not sharp gusts of wind are noticeable, especially since the second is a swing behave calmly …

However, skeptics suggest that to the swing, most likely, tied fishing line, which someone pulls behind the scenes. Such in in principle, perhaps experts say, but in this case unlikely as the video is from serious people, not from some hoax boys.

By the way, such anomalies occur in the world is not so rare. For example, security cameras in Novosibirsk recently recorded a strange case when in an empty car parked in the house suddenly for no reason, glass flies out.

This happened on the street Shaturskaya, 9 – Akademgorodok. Owner the car, which turned out to be a woman, immediately turned to the police, however it was the police who discovered this anomaly on video – some invisibility knocks out the glass in the car. Or it flies out by itself by myself. And who, in this case, should be held accountable? ..

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