Synthesized meat will change the world for the better

The journal Environmental Sciences published an article
researchers at the British Adam Smith Institute dedicated to
artificial meat, which caused a noticeable reaction from
scientists of almost the whole world. And for good reason.

On the one hand, a person, as academic science believes,
simply can not exist without eating animal protein. AND
no matter how the vegans of all stripes prove
directions, the fact remains that humanity is not ready yet (no
physically, much less morally) to give up meat. True,
Progress in this regard is still there, if we consider that in deep
antiquity man did not disdain (and did not even see anything in it
cannibalism, and today it even prohibits the use of
eating humanoid monkeys (New Zealand). True, наряду с
this massively slaughtered dolphins for meat (Denmark, Japan), dogs
and many other animals that are in their mental development
even superior to primates.

On the other hand, modern livestock production gives up to 20
percent of greenhouse gases, which leads to global warming and
ecological disaster of a global scale. AND это еще без учета
the fact that for the sake of animal husbandry in the world up to 90 percent is used
agricultural land (in the UK up to 99 percent,
according to the above article), which also apply
all kinds of chemical fertilizers, which are also of great harm

Synthesized meat, the article indicates, is the way of salvation
humanity, moreover, as from the point of view of ethics (to eat
such beings are immoral), so in the direct physical
sense, because animal husbandry (increasingly
developing) clearly leads our planet to an environmental catastrophe.
What prevents to solve this problem?

Immediately make a reservation that the article provides such an encouraging
and it can be said is just a fantastic fact that today a hamburger
from laboratory meat does not exceed at the price of 8 pounds,
whereas just five years ago the cost of such an amount
synthesized animal protein reached 200 thousand pounds
Sterling. And imagine what will happen in 5 years?

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