Taiwanese family of ageless women

Taiwanese Family of Ageless WomenPhotos from open sources of

The so-called “family of frozen years” lives in Taiwan. here they call a retired mother and her adult three daughters who do not touch the past years: women remain still young and, one might even say, young.

The first on the Internet to become famous was Xu Luer, who is now 41 one year, and she looks like a girl. But as it turned out later, Xu Luer has younger sisters Feifei and Sharon, respectively 40 and 36 years old, however, to distinguish them from seventeen-year-old girls almost impossible.

A photo from open sources

But the most striking phenomenon is, of course, the mother herself these ageless sisters, who is already 63 years old, and she looks, the most more like a 30-year-old woman – at first glance almost the same girl.

And although all members of the “frozen years family” assure reporters, that they reached eternal youth due to the fact that they drink a lot pure water and eat only natural products, mainly fruits and vegetables, this does not convince researchers of this phenomenon. On Earth there are a lot of naturopath people – raw foodists, vegetarians who advocate drinking only pure water, even sun-eaters, however, none of them could defeat old age, in at best, they managed to push their age by five to seven years. A here it is! ..

According to Internet users, the secret of eternal youth Taiwanese family in the genes. No wonder people with heroic nature health never even care about him, nor do they get sick. Conversely, people, say, are hereditarily predisposed to cancer that they just don’t do to avoid this terrible fate (remember the example of artist Savely Kramarov), but still die in the prime of life from this disease.

A photo from open sources


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