Talking baby born in Kishenev

The talking baby was born in ChisinauPhotos from open sources of

In the first hospital of the capital of Moldova there was a pleasant state of emergency – a baby was born who immediately began to speak.

According to the midwives of the medical facility, baby, barely opened his eyes after childbirth, as he immediately uttered a meaningful word “dad,” and then after a while, the word “mom.” Moreover, the next day, having heard from his mother that he would soon appear in the hospital dad, baby obviously asked again: “who, dad?”

The unique baby has sparked interest in academia around the world, some doctors claim that this is quite possible, because, as you know, babies hear everything while in the womb, not accidentally women in labor are recommended at this time to listen to the classical music and talk with the baby as much as possible. Maybe his Mom was just doing the last one most successfully.

Other researchers suggest another baby was born. indigo – a representative of the new sixth race. Perhaps he has repeatedly and not two will surprise parents, and the scientific world as a whole.

However, there were also skeptics on the Internet. For example, one of users said that he personally, according to his parents, He spoke, of course, not immediately in the hospital, but after two months, which it was also amazing. However, this did not affect his mental development, and superpowers he has so no one discovered. But he was called talkative all his childhood, and now he hardly freed from this lack of it. As it turned out, people who started talking too early but don’t get anything from it raped, quite a lot in the world.

Add a unique child who spoke immediately after childbirth, parents called Styopa (Stepan), which means with Ancient Greek – “crown”, “wreath”. How much will this name be contribute to his spiritual development, it’s hard to say, but definitely – the name for such an unusual boy is chosen good one.


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