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In the early 70s of the last century, the word “telekinesis” ceased be a strictly scientific term. To a large extent, this contributed to Uri Geller in public showing his paranormal abilities. Scientific journals have even coined the term effect Geller’s. ”

Weird boy

Uri Geller was born in Tel Aviv in 1946. If about someone and they write “from childhood nothing stood out to destroy their peers”, then Uri just stood out. When the boy was six years old, his father bought son first hours. However, when the boy was at school and how everything the boys were looking forward to the end of the lesson, the clock is always ran ahead. By the end of the lesson they were always ahead of the real time for 10-20 minutes. They bought new ones for the boy, but they turned out to be “defective.” The third boy did not buy until the end Uri’s school went to classes without hours.

The boy asked his mother for a long time to take him to the zoo. Finally mom solemn day has come. However, already before entering the zoo, the boy rested: “I will not go!” “But why,” the mother was surprised, “because you dreamed about this? “” I won’t go. “Mom and Uri went to the park that day. in the evening from the news release on TV we learned that that day in emergency happened to the zoo: a lion burst out of the cage. There were no casualties the beast didn’t eat anyone, but little Uri and his mother could not get lucky.

Once during a trip with his father in a car, Uri nearly started shouting: “Dad, stop it!” Father slowed down and drove down the roadside. Before he could turn off the engine, the front cylinder burst wheels. Who knows what the consequences would be if it happened during movement?

Uri, who had modest academic success, suddenly began to receive Higher grades for written test papers. Teachers planted him at a separate table, even sat down nearby – very mediocre apprentice Geller invariably wrote brilliant written works. is he really copied, but not from the notebooks of fellow practitioners. Uri carefully looked at the nape of the excellent student sitting in front and saw all the correct answers on your “internal screen”. To write Uri’s brilliant work needed only to take a seat behind school genius.

Unique Uri Geller

As an adult, Uri demonstrated his abilities at night clubs in Tel Aviv, but did not attract much interest. All changed when Andria got into Geller’s performance in 1971 Pukharich, an American researcher of paranormal phenomena. is he staged a Uri performance on a television show. In Uri’s studio in the distance bent steel spoons, described the contents of hidden drawings, accelerated or slowed down the clock, generally stopped them. it the performance made Uri famous in Europe and the USA, the world began craze for telekinesis.

A photo from open sources

Tours began around the world. At the Geller submissions:

– bent at a distance, breaking, breaking, tearing metal items even placed in capsules; – recognized images on TV screen at zero signal strength; – pointed out location of hidden objects; – determined the facets of playing bones after shaking them in a closed box; – disrupted work electrical devices; – moved the compass needle; – read thoughts nearby people; – changed the weight of the load on the balance, Geiger counter readings; – being in London, stopped the clock Big Ben (for which he received an official warning, that in the case of repeated such “focus” will be sent from England).

Uri in the hands of scientists

Of course, there were skeptics who claimed that all the demonstrations Geller’s nothing more than a set of tricks available to the average magician hands. Yes, they are right. Any Uri number can be repeated with using the latest achievements of science, technology and conventional sleight of hand. Even Big Ben watches can be stopped if pre-arrange with service personnel.

Uri himself has repeatedly stated that he is not going to anyone anything to prove or argue with those who do not believe in anything. But still once he could not stand it and surrendered to a Stanford scientist research institute for survey. Spent a number experiments in Ray Human’s laboratory, during which Geller erased magnetic tapes, bent metal objects, cheated readings of the counter of radioactivity, changed magnetic parameters fields. Scientists admitted that all the tricks were performed without any tricks.

It’s time to rest

In the early 80s, Uri Geller stopped his performances. Period saturated stage performances were not in vain. Every TV show took a huge amount of energy, not a single performance passed without a trace for health. A serious decline in vitality, severe depression, nervous exhaustion, anorexia nervosa – continuation of active stage activity with such a “bouquet” could lead to serious consequences. Today Uri Geller lives in London and only occasionally agrees to showcase its exceptional abilities to specialists.

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