Telepathy and modern means communications

Telepathy and modern means of communicationA photo from open sources

Research by Dr. Rupert Sheldrake Demonstrates Possible the connection between modern means of communication and telepathy.

He was experimenting with a group of people who were supposed to guess who is calling. Four possible answers were given. “Average result turned out to be significantly higher than 25%, which could be explained just guessing, ”writes Sheldrake in an article published Institute of Noetic Sciences. Sheldrake holds a Ph.D. biochemistry at Cambridge, he also studied philosophy and the history of science in Harvard.

Similar results were obtained in a repeated study in University of Amsterdam in Holland and the University of Freiburg in Germany. Statistically significant results also showed the presence of connections between telepathy and text messaging, or various forms of communication on the Internet, says Dr. Sheldrake.

Telepathic abilities were especially pronounced when People with whom the subjects have an emotional connection called.

Dr. Sheldrake’s study was criticized because the name of a family member or friend will be in the subject’s mind, therefore the likelihood that both events are ringing and guessing the caller, happen at the same time, very high.

“The only way to resolve these issues is statistically process test results, he says. He notes that in the experiment used this approach. – These experiments gave positive and, from a statistical point of view, notable results”.

In the first round of tests, in which 63 people participated, the average fidelity of answers was 40%, which is much higher than 25%, which according to probability theory could be guessed. After hundreds tests performed, according to Scheljrejk, some participants noted that they often gave correct answers when they were confident in them, and felt that intuition tells them so.

Sheldrake also interviewed participants in the experience, how confident in their answers. He gives an example of a woman who is right guessed in 85% of cases when she was very confident in the answers. When she doubted the answer, her rate dropped to 34% when she arbitrarily chose answers without using intuition – up to 28%.

Pam Smart, Sheldrake’s colleague, conducted experiments comparing telepathic communication between close people and between strangers. She discovered when acquaintances called, the percentage of guessing reached 50%, in the case of strangers, it was 25%.

Foresight and other types of experiments supernatural perceptions have shown negative results that says that everything said applies exclusively to telepathic ability.

Are we really forming a telepathic connection with our loved ones and close people?

Dr. Bernard Bateman of the University of Virginia in his a coincidence study found that people with family ties sometimes they can experience the same emotions at the same time, especially related to stress, even if they are at a distance. When his father, who lived thousands of kilometers away, was at deathbed, Bateman for no reason felt like he gasping for breath. He subsequently found out that his father started about gasp at the same time.

This phenomenon is especially often observed with twins.

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