Teleportation on a walk with a dog

Teleportation for a walk with a dogA photo from open sources

About ten years ago, at the end of summer, I with my dog ​​Tungus I went for mushrooms to the nearest forest, near the village of Siversky Leningrad region. The weather was clear, the sun was shining. I did not take with a compass, because in that forest it’s impossible to get lost. He is from all sides surrounded by a ring road on which villages Belo-Gorka, Izora, Kurgino, Druzhnaya Gorka, Lampovo and Friendly friend.

Going around our mushroom places, an hour and a half later, Tungus and I took to the field near the village of Izora. There I was heading to the southeast. Should return, of course, heading northwest. we with the dog went home. I remember at that moment in the sky appeared low cloudy, the sun has almost disappeared.

After a while, I noticed that we were walking along completely unfamiliar forest – spruce, although they had to go through the mixed. However, I did not have any anxiety, because, as I already said getting lost there is unrealistic, be sure to go out or village, or to the ring asphalt road. And indeed, through an hour or a half we went to the village.

At first I did not recognize her, and then I suddenly realized that this was a village Friendly friend. We just went to him from the south side (from Divenskaya). That is, we were behind the ring road! To go there To get there, we had to cross the highway without fail. But we don’t crossed!

Then I did not attach much importance to this, but now, when I remember that day, I feel uneasy. I am this case conditionally called “curvature of space”, or “wormhole space. “I heard similar stories. Moreover, it happened, people suddenly found themselves hundreds of kilometers away, even somewhere else area. So I think I’m still very lucky!

A photo from open sources

T.A. SMIRNOV, village Siversky, Leningrad Region

Dogs Sun Teleportation

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