Ten most abnormal places in the Urals

I wonder why the editors of the TV-3 channel still haven’t moved to the South Urals in full force and did not open here head office? Somewhere near Arkaim to do reporting, grabbing themes from the thick air full of secrets and mystics.

The idea, by the way, is not without meaning, because it matches the format TV channel, Chelyabinsk region keeps a whole host of mysteries, secrets and anomalous zones. I propose to talk about the latter more details.

About how the secret development of Soviet scientists became the reason the appearance of the “Kaslinsky anomaly”, what kind of shamans with antennas depicted on the “Stone Tents” and why Lake Shaitanka considered unclean, read in the new rating of “Good news. ”

In last place is Bolshoi Iremel mountain.

To begin with, Iremel has her own mysterious story. To take at least a name. It has been known since time immemorial, when Türks (ancestors of modern Bashkirs) who inhabited these lands were called mountain: “a place that gives a person strength”, that is: “Iremel” on their language. By the way, the name of the nearby village of Tyuluk is being translated as a “desire.”

Ten most abnormal places of the UralsA photo from open sources

The presence of these two place names already leads to certain thoughts. For example, there is a legend that if you climb a mountain and make up desire, then it will certainly come true. They say that in the old days priests of pagan cults performed human sacrifices on top of Iremel. Perhaps that’s why the place enjoys a gloomy glory. A variety of rumors are associated with him. From frequent UFO sightings to the mysterious people “Miracle white-eyed”, whose representatives supposedly live in those parts.

The ninth place is occupied by Lake Itkul.

Translated from Bashkirsky, Itkul means “meat lake”, since “um” (“meat”), and “cul” (“lake”). Scientists believe what is The name of the lake was given due to the abundance of various fish in it. Although there is version, as if by order of the Demidovs, several carts were thrown there pork in order to drive away the Muslims who lived near pond and protested against industrial work.

But not by this fact the lake Itkul is notorious. And the fact that in the midst of its water surface the so-called threatening rises Shaitan Stone. There is a version, as if in times of gray antiquities, human sacrifices were made on this stone for the sake of the harvest and good weather. It is noteworthy that after centuries, life people continue to break off near this stone. A lot of swimmers drowned, and those who survived describe an unpleasant feeling, as if some kind of energy cord passes through them.

A photo from open sources

On the eighth place “Stone Tents” in the Kasli district.

Any child from the village of Allaki, Kasli district, with intonation an experienced guide will tell you what exactly here once there was a Finno-Ugric village. They are about 7,000 years ago. painted on the “tents” red ocher of strange men with antennas on the head. But okay, little men, because, most likely “antennas” were elements of a traditional headdress the shaman.

But not far from the “stone tents” archaeologists have discovered poultry idol, spear and jug with blood stains. It pushes on the thought of the harsh rituals that the ancient Finno-Ugrians carried out next to their stone tents. The inhabitants of the surrounding villages these places are notorious, but young daredevils often Do not mind to “work” with guides.

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

Seventh place is occupied by the Arakul shihan.

The place is remarkable even if there are mysterious dolmens (a kind of “box” of heavy boulders “). Members Kosmopoisk-Ural movements write about these objects as follows: Ural dolmens differ from the well-known Caucasus in the way of erection, the dimensions. In addition, the purpose of the dolmens, as well as their exact ages, scientists still argue, today no a concrete answer about who built these “boxes” and why. ”

And besides dolmens, the legends about a certain Grandmother were sore Shihanka, which lives in the Arakul Shihan. Rumor has it that an evil spirit that takes on the image of a weak old woman wanders through the mountains and brings trouble to tourists. Meeting with her does not bode well good. Rumor has it that those who saw Grandma Shikhanka, only that and have time to tell about their meeting, and after all without fail are dying. Of course, under the most mysterious circumstances.

A photo from open sources

In sixth place is the Nurgush mountain range.

According to tourists and hunters, as well as employees of the Ministry of Emergencies, UFO can be periodically observed in the sky above the mountain, and in the surrounding to meet the Bigfoot about meetings with whom the pages of his book were told by the Satka local historian Cherentsov V.P. It is in the vicinity of Nurgush to the cryptozoologist from Chelyabinsk – Avdeev Nikolai, was lucky to take a picture of a snowman, but like all materials on this subject, the picture turned out blurry and poorly informative.

A photo from open sources

Fifth place is occupied by Ignatievskaya cave.

The famous cave is located near the village of Serpievka, which Katav-Ivanovo district. Having a corridor character and almost half a kilometer length, it consists of four departments – Entrance Grotto, Main corridor, Big and Far Hall. Called her in honor of the old cell-mate Ignatius, who lived and died in a cave. By legend, the spirit of the old man Ignatius leaves the cave at night and looks at The moon.

Among tourists, it is believed that at night in the cave you can hear someone’s footsteps and illegible voices. And besides, next to any of the departments of such a stone corridor, people now and then the batteries run out, the flashlight lamps burn out, they refuse flashes of cameras work, and those who enter feel someone invisible presence. Many say that in one of the halls it’s hard to get high-quality pictures – “white” appears on them transparent veil. ”

A photo from open sources

In fourth place is the Kaslinskaya Anomaly.

It all started with the fact that in the pictures taken from the satellite, members of the Ural branch of the Kosmopoisk movement discovered strange circles. Immediately there were several versions about their origin. One one of them was that circles are similar to Arkaim and represent the remains of an ancient settlement. Second version can conditionally called – “ufological”, well, you understand, inexplicable crop circles, mysterious drawings, as if made by hand giant.

The third version was called military. It is she, as subsequently it turned out to be most close to the truth. It turned out that once this place was a radio testing and adjustment site secret products of the plant “Radium”. Combine specialized in the release of defense radio engineering, from open sources, even steel the names of previously closed samples are known, which passed testing at the test site, with a concentric movement system. Secret equipment experiments are supposed to, and left strange shapes on the ground.

A photo from open sources

The third is Lake Shaitanka.

The lake with the ominous name of Shaitanka is not far from Ashi. It is noteworthy, as usual, with its furious legends. So according to one of them, the reservoir is considered to be bottomless (officially talking about a depth of 200 meters), on the other – in his a certain “monster” lives in the depths, and the third ascribes to the lake frequent the appearance of a UFO. In fact, it’s hard to talk about whether the place is “abnormal,” or is it just myths. For example, sometimes groundwater begins to rise sharply and splash out as if over the edge of Shaitanka, flooding the area with a peat mass emitting unbearable stench. At the same time, the water in the lake seems to boil. All these phenomena were previously associated with the machinations of evil spirits, and therefore They gave the lake the appropriate name. And now the locals, already quite a bit savvy in matters of esotericism and extrasensory perception, they say they say there is bad energy.

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In second place is Taganay National Park.

A variety of legends and myths go about this park. Someone speaks that in some places the usual flow of time disappears, others claim that they personally met with “Kialimskoy grandmother.” For example, one day in the winter on Dalniy Taganai near her lower well even the director of the weather station saw. Seeing the director, “grandmother” headlong rushed deep into the taiga. She was barefoot and lightly dressed although there was a severe frost. And besides this mysterious pensioner on Taganai regularly see UFOs, “snowmen” and others extraordinary phenomena. However, for certain fix “miracles” so far no one has succeeded.

A photo from open sources

In the first place, you guessed it, Arkaim.

If you listen to homegrown mediums, then the ancient city Bronze Age – This is one continuous anomalous zone! Whole armies psychics annually besiege Arakim in search of “strength.” And what is there just do not see. Mysterious lights, according to the notorious magicians and “healers”, they do not surprise anyone, being as if part of landscape. In fact, most of these wonderful phenomena are a figment of the imagination of those people who come to Arkaim “charged” with energy.

On the other hand, some cases of strange electromagnetic oscillations were recorded by special instruments. Maybe, this fact is somehow connected with numerous stories “contactees” and “eyewitnesses of the unknown.”

A photo from open sources

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