Ten of the Earth’s most mysterious holes

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The recent discovery of a third hole in Siberia puzzled many scientists, brought conspiracy theorists, and made ordinary people anew take a look at the stability of the earth under our feet. Surface The Earth is pierced with holes: some under water, some on the ground, and some generally look like doors to the other world.

Holes in Siberia

More recently, three strange holes were discovered in Siberia. First one 50-100 meters across, was found at the bottom lakes. The second hole, a few kilometers from the first, was only 15 meters wide. The third hole, accidentally found by herders, turned out to be an almost perfect cone-shaped hole of about 4 meters in width and 60-100 meters in depth.

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

A ring of debris and dirt around each hole indicates that massive holes were made by forces that came from Earth’s interior and burst out. Of course, curious were born theories. Some believe that the appearance of holes is associated with development gas in this region, however the openings are so far from gas pipelines that guess rejected by scientists. Other theories include crazy rockets, tricks of jokers and, of course, extraterrestrial invasion.

The real reason may be more mundane, but it doesn’t less strange. One of the working theories about holes is that they are a kind of reverse funnel. In such case holes were caused by underground damage caused by thawing of permafrost. Then they were filled with natural gas, and when the pressure got too big, dirt and debris burst into air instead of falling into the underground space.

Hole in Taimyr found by reindeer herders

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According to local residents, the holes are far from new, and scientists, in in principle, allow such an opportunity, looking at the vegetation around – they could be several years already. Second discovered the hole is lovingly called the “end of the world” and its locals allegedly observed back in September 2013. Witness’s testimonies different: some say they saw something falling from the sky, others – that the explosion was on the ground.

Kola superdeep well

Not all openings in the earth’s crust formed naturally or unknown reasons. During 1970-1994, the Russian geologists have been digging the biggest hole on earth that you can was to imagine in the name of science. The result was Kola ultra-deep well that ultimately reached depth 12 kilometers.

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Along the way, scientists discovered a number of interesting things. Dig tunnel through a stone is like digging through a story. Scientists found the remains of life that existed on the surface two billion years ago. At an impressive depth of 6,700 meters, biologists have discovered tiny plankton fossils. Although it was expected that on the way down the most different types of stone will be discovered, the incredible way fragile organics survived under tremendous pressure throughout thousand years.

Drilling through an untouched stone has proved difficult in practice. Stone samples removed from the area of ​​high pressure and temperature deformed after falling out. Pressure and temperature too grown much higher than expected. By the time you reach 10,000 meters, the temperature soared to 180 degrees Celsius.

Unfortunately, drilling stopped when it became impossible fight heat. The hole is still there, near the town of Zapolyarny, but covered with a metal cover.

German Continental Deep Drilling and Pulse Program Of the earth

In 1994, German super-deep drilling was stopped wells, originally conceived as one of the most geophysical ambitious projects. The goal of the project is to give scientists the opportunity to study effects like the effects of pressure on rocks, the presence of anomalies in the earth’s crust, the structure of the crust and how it exposed to heat and pressure.

The $ 350 million project left Windischensbach with a hole in 9100 meters deep and 265 degrees Celsius.

Among the various scientific experiments was one unusual: Dutch artist Lotte Geeven wanted to know how it sounds planet. Although scientists told her that the planet is silent, Geeven insisted. She lowered the geophone into the hole to record ultrasonic waves beyond auditory ability human ear. After converting the data on the computer to frequencies that can be heard, Lotte heard the sounds of the Earth. it it was like the sounds of a thunderstorm in the distance, awesome heartbeat.

Dead Sea Karst Funnels

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No one knows for sure how many holes appeared around the Dead of the sea, but it is estimated that about 2500 appeared since 1970, and about 1000 only in the last 15 years. Like the holes in Siberia, these holes are signs of environmental change.

The Dead Sea feeds on the Jordan River, and every year less and less less water enters it. The sea itself is now three times smaller of what happened in the 1960s, and the drainage of the reservoir was the reason emergence of funnels, along with the demise of resorts and hotels that once abundantly flourished on the shores.

When the salt water of the sea seeps through the ground, it is met fresh water. When this fresh water penetrates the ground with increased salt content, most of the salt dissolves. The earth is weakening and begins to collapse.

The Dead Sea has always been in a state of change. Once it connected to the Sea of ​​Galilee, but this compound dried up around 18 thousand years ago. Now, changes are more often triggered by actions people. Water that once flowed into the sea in a fragile state equilibrium, now redirected throughout Jordan and Syria, and the sea receives only 10 percent of the water needed for it maintenance.

At one time, this sea was a very popular place for those who made a religious pilgrimage or wanted to be healed in mystical waters of the sea. Now, more often you can see signs, warning of the danger of spontaneously occurring funnels. But there is and the bright side: if a funnel swallows you, it will be named in your honor.

Dean’s Blue Hole

The deepest blue hole (the so-called holes, located under water) – this is Dean’s blue hole in the Bahamas. Being 202 meters deep, this blue hole is almost two times more deeper than other blue holes, making it a favorite place for professional divers.

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In 2010, William Trubridge set a dive record of 101 meter into a hole without external oxygen or other equipment. A Brooklyn diver died trying to break this record in 2013, after being under water for more than three and a half minutes, surfaced and immediately lost consciousness. Every year more than 30 divers meet in this blue hole to participate in all sorts of contests for the Vertical Blue event.

Although the hole attracts adventure lovers from around the world, those who lives next to Dean’s blue hole, try to stay away from her away. According to legend, this hole was dug by the devil, and he’s all still there, grabbing people who dare to dive.

Randomly Mount Boldy Holes

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In 2013, a six-year-old boy explored the sand dunes of the mountain Baldy in the Indiana Dunes National Park and was swallowed by a funnel, which suddenly appeared beneath him. The boy was saved after a three-hour test in which he was buried under a three-meter thickness of sand. Since then, other funnels have appeared.

Geologists cannot explain the phenomena of Mount Boldi. Because the the landscape is represented by sand that does not create air pockets, none of the conditions necessary for the formation of funnels respected. When a funnel appears, it is filled with sand in during the day. The use of the underground radar did not reveal any evidence.

A year after the first funnel, they not only continued appear, but also began to arise with such frequency that the park shut down. In an attempt to stabilize the sand dunes, experts landed herbs, hoping that their root system will stop erosion and displacement of the earth. Some scientists believe that instability sand dunes may have something to do with their legendary a story that, among others, includes a story about the delivery of a huge amounts of sand to create Mason’s cans.

Devil’s Funnel

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Devil’s Funnel is a massive underground chamber located in Edwards, Texas. A hole of 15 meters wide leads to cavern 106 meters deep, which now plays a unique ecological role, being home to one of the largest known Colonies of Mexican Free-Tailed Bats.

Visitors who, of course, cannot get into the cave, can see more than three million bats that fly out of it every night during the summer months.

The story of the funnel is shrouded in mystery. The cave was raided treasure seekers and artifact hunters before becoming guarded facility. Arrowheads and darts that find there, dated 4000-2500 BC. e. This funnel later served shelter for cowboys who rode to the West on horseback, as well as for people of a darker kind of employment. Most of the funnel story was destroyed when ammonia producers started Collect mouse guano in the cave.


So-called Sawmill Funnel – Sawmill Sink – This is Another the blue hole in the Bahamas, which, however, has much more scientific value than just attracting extreme athletes. This blue hole was an archaeological site that changed the scientific understanding of how the landscape was 1000 years old back.

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Soumill funnel is unique in that once it was dry, and when the water began to rise, began to fill, slowly hiding the bones, who were there. The fossils found there include the remains of a giant tortoise that was not even supposed there find, as well as birds, seeds and plants that have kept green color.

Perhaps the most intriguing find was the remains of giant crocodiles that were believed to be destroyed by humans, living at that time. Also found in this blue hole the remains of one of the oldest known inhabitants of the Bahamas, which, according to various estimates, about 1050 years.

Andros Black Hole

Andros Black Hole located on South Andros Island on Bahamas, has completely different from other holes in this region color. It is not completely black, but dark purple.

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The reason is that at a depth of 18 meters there is a thick poisonous layer of bacteria floating between saturated oxygen the upper part and the almost oxygen-free lower part of the funnel.

The island itself is inhospitable, for the most part composed of mud, therefore reach the Andros black hole without a helicopter and special equipment is generally impossible. It was first studied by a scientist and Diver Steffi Schwabe. She first crossed the ink curd layer of bacteria. Below was a layer of clear water and another purple a layer that looked like jelly.

Strange water layers have a very high toxic level. hydrogen sulfide. They also contain bacteria that not only thrive between water levels, but also maintain water conditions in over the past 3.5 billion years.

Shondong Cave

Being technically a cave system, Shondong is accessible through several large holes on the surface of the earth. First found her in 2009 after one of the holes was discovered by a local farmer.

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The cave system was so carefully buried in the jungle that played only pure luck in the fact that someone even found her. When members of the british speleologists association went into the hole, they discovered something completely indescribable.

The cave was declared the largest in the world, and it was extremely not easy to explore. She appeared somewhere between two and five millions of years ago, carved by an underground river in limestone. IN in some places, erosion reached the surface so close that parts the roof of the cave collapsed, forming even more holes.

A photo from open sources

A photo from open sources

These holes let in enough sunlight to the jungle began to grow in the cave. Also in the cave 60 meter calcite wall, underground river and waterfalls, as well as stalagmites and stalactites that grew to 80 meters in length.

These cave jungles have also become home to an impressive set of wild animals, including poisonous millipedes and whitefish fish. IN some large cameras can fit entire blocks along with skyscrapers; there you can find bamboo forests and a giant pearls.

The fact that a whole lost world was discovered only in 2009 year, reminds us, the inhabitants of the Earth, that the planet is still far not fully investigated.

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