The 160-year-old Buryat Lama is alive!

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“This year my great-grandfather turned 160 years old. And he is alive.” Yanzhima Vasilyeva, a relative of the hambo lama Itigelova. Pandito hambo-lama Itigelov daily communicates with dozens of people in holidays – with thousands of pilgrims. Photo from open sources The body temperature of an imperishable llama – 22-24 degrees. During big holidays, when Itigelov participates in services, the temperature rises to 32- 34 degrees. Ivolginsky datsan in Buryatia became famous all over the world when in 2002 In the year they brought the imperishable body of Pandito Khambo Lama Itigelov. – According to the preserved pedigree, Itigelov was born in 1852, says his relative, Yanzhima Vasilyeva. – Is he He was the head of Russian Buddhists, a scientist, politician and doctor. In that My great-grandfather is 160 years old. And the last ten years he is with us again – participates in services and meets with people from all over the world. At the age of 75, the hambo lama Itigelov gathered his disciples and asked him to read the prayer, which they accompany the departed. The students refused. Then Itigelov began to read himself. After the ceremony, according to the will of Itigelov, it in the lotus position placed in a cedar box and buried near the tribal village. – I heard about my cousin from my relatives, but how Soviet schoolgirl represented him like Lenin in the mausoleum: embalmed and without internal organs, recalls Yanjima. – Only later did I find out that the sarcophagus with Itigelov’s body was raised twice – in 1955 and 1973. Llamas performed the necessary rituals, changed clothes and again hid him underground – to a depth of almost three meter. And ten years ago, the hambo lama was finally raised, fulfilled his will. The exhumation took place in the presence of forensic experts. Pathologists were sure that through a couple of days the body will turn into decay. Usually sudden changes in external conditions lead precisely to such consequences. But with Itigelov nothing happened. – Two years after the exhumation Russian State University for the Humanities held biochemical examination of hair samples, skin and nails hambo-llamas of Itigelov, ”says Yanzhima Vasilyeva. – The analysis is not revealed nothing in organic tissues that would distinguish them from tissues a living person! Then I personally asked the famous pathologist Zvyagin that Itigelov with eyes and internal bodies. And the professor assured me that everything was in order. Then u Scientists have a new term: the phenomenon of the hambo-lama Itigelova. And we, Buddhists, we believe that he is alive. Just in a state deep meditation. A reward for the llama. Mongolian authorities awarded Itigelov the order. Now the hambo lama Itigelov located in the palace, which he built on the territory Ivolginsky datsan. Eight times a year during major holidays Itigelov is involved in services. The rest of the time he is in the palace is on the second floor. In a special room installed climate control 16 degrees: scientists have determined that this is exactly the air temperature is optimal for the hambo llama. He is sitting on a special throne in the lotus position, eyes are covered. – No to him free access, says the keeper of Zhalsan Lama. – Entrance For official delegations only. Also sometimes we let ordinary people, when we understand that this meeting is really human necessary. And in the life of almost everyone who meets Itigelov, after this date something important happens. Scientists from Dubnov found that Itigelov’s mental body is 24 thousand kilometers, that is, it completely envelops the Earth. – It turns out that not it matters where you are: next to the hambo llama or in limits of this distance, – considers Yanzhima Vasilyeva. – The impact is the same. Because energy has Itigelov extraordinary. He is alive. In the past, this fact was officially recognized. the Mongols, having awarded him the order. The head of government personally attached reward for clothing hambo llama. The story of an eyewitness. Near Itigelov no one is sick. The village of Upper Oriole is located a hundred meters from the palace, where the imperishable body of the hambo lama is Itigelova. “He’s been with us for ten years,” says the local resident, teacher OBZh Darima Zhambalova. – This is for visitors exotic, and we saw him many times. It seems to many that the eyes of him shut as if he were sleeping. But it’s not always the case. When on grandmothers watching – crying. The children smiles and winks. He has for each his own look. He protects us. For ten years in our and in neighboring villages there was not a single case of oncology or sudden of death. If someone dies, it is solely from old age. Scientific work. He saved my girlfriend from death. Tuyana Bardueva is preparing to defend a dissertation on Itigelov. – I found out about mute when I was at school, – says Tuyana. – At first he was for me it’s just a saint, and then I began to study his biography, correspondence with Nicholas II at the beginning of the twentieth century. He sold all his property to help soldiers of World War I, built on your money datsans. And now he helps a lot. And he’s my friend saved from death. The car in which she was traveling had an accident. And for a few seconds before the collision, she thought of a hambo lama. All died, and a friend survived … Lama Itigelov helps the brave Everyone who manages to meet with Pandito Khambo Lama Itigelov in Ivolginsky datsan, sees his Itigelov. – He always has different mood, – considers the keeper of Itigelov’s palace Zhalsan Lama. – I constantly next to him. If he is angry, then I have sins accumulated and something needs to be done, corrected. If with a smile – then everything is in order. I noticed that Itigelov helps the brave and decisive. And for those who constantly doubt, it does not help. It probably gives time for people to understand exactly what they want. Itigelov himself was very determined and purposeful. For man, followed by Buddhists throughout the country, this is necessary quality.

To Khambo Lama Itigelov come from all over the world. Eight once a year during major Buddhist holidays anyone can to meet with the imperishable llama – Itigelov participates in services. – IN ordinary days we receive delegations, ”says Zhalsan Lama. – For example, a group from the Ministry of Education of Russia thought that Hambo Lama winked at them and moved his knee. When the president Dmitry Medvedev came, he was left alone for about 15 minutes Itigelov. The meeting passed in complete silence, and the president came out in thoughtfulness. Probably something revealed to him during this audience. Ksenia Sobchak came, was also shocked after the meeting. Singer Gazmanov wrote poetry right in the palace, and then Kasparov said that when he saw Itigelov, time stopped for him. VIP guests – heads of state, denominations – usually fly to Ivolginsky datsan by helicopter, next to the complex there is a playground. Ordinary people get by car and public transport. Photos from open sources

– Not only Buddhists come to Khambo Lama Itigelov, – tells Zhalsan Lama. – Christians, Jews, Muslims also go. Here, after all, the main thing is motivation. If people come from simple curiosities, we, the caretakers, feel and do not let them go to Itigelov. And if a person really has some serious problem or need to meet, then we accompany to the palace. Somehow the woman came from Kazakhstan, said that Itigelov was two weeks old for her dreamed about. She realized that she needed to see him … By Buddhists say Itigelov is in a deep state of meditation. – His eyes are closed, but many after the meeting they say that Hambo Lama is gray-eyed, and someone sees him at all glasses, ”says Itigelov’s relative, Yanzhima Vasilyeva. It is believed that if you touch Itigelov, then everything will be fulfilled. you ask. – I touched several times, – shares his sensations local resident Lyudmila Batorova. – I have relatives then they were ill, an expensive operation was required. After meeting they got better. Hambo Lama has a cool hand, thin skin – as if touch the brush of an old man. Someone after such a meeting it seems to have touched a warm tree, to someone – what to smooth young skin. But everyone speaks about powerful energy as one, which comes from Itigelov. Metro journalist was allowed into the palace on A couple of minutes. Itigelov sat on the second floor of the palace in a pose lotus. Suddenly, the Hambo Lama opened his right eye. His eyes really turned out to be gray. Schedule. Llamas look after body and watch your thoughts In Ivolginsky datsan Khambo Lama Itigelov practically never happens alone. Three are on guard in the palace guardian llamas. – At eight in the morning I go to him, – says guardian of Zhalsan Lama. “A morning prayer is held here.” IN ten it ends and I admit people – those who have arrived from far away. In the evening I remove the offerings that were made for day. The duties of the keepers include the care of the body of the Hambo Lama Itigelova. “We wipe it with cedar oil,” the keeper says. – Itigelov was in a cedar box for 75 years, so this is oil suits him. Hambo Lama sweats a lot during big holidays – because it works hard, gives its healing energy to people. We measure the temperature daily – we delivered a thermometer from the USA. You apply to the skin, and it immediately shows the result. In ordinary days the temperature is 22-24 degrees, and during the service rises to 35! – Natural silk and cotton, from which clothes are sewn, are brought to us from Uzbekistan, says great-granddaughter of Khambo Lama Yanzhima Vasilyeva. – Itigelov’s irritation comes from synthetics. Keepers Weigh Khambo Lama Itigelov and change clothes. – Sometimes a hambo lama gives us messages through meditation, ”says Zhalsan Lama. –We are trying to decipher them and compare them with events that occur in the country and the world. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. The opinion of scientists. Fourth State Body Research Scientists carried out Itigelov in 2004 and 2006. – By permission the highest Buddhist authorities of Buryatia, we were given hair samples, skin particles and sections of two nails. Infrared spectrophotometry showed that protein fractions have intravital characteristics – for comparison, we took similar samples from our employees, – such a statement after the completion of research has made Head of Personality Identification Department, Russian Center forensic expert Viktor Zvyagin. All experts agreed that the state in which Itigelov is located does not apply to any of three conditions after death: the body was not mummified, not subjected to peat pressure and did not turn into a greasebox. Then Scientists called Itigelov’s condition “fourth state.” – A MD Bolshakov suggested that one day Itigelova is equal to our 20 years. It turns out that the Hambo Lama Itigelov conquered death and time, suggests Yanzhima Vasilyeva. Institute Khambo Lama Itigelova conducts a survey of those who meet with imperishable llama. – The consciousness of people has changed a lot. If earlier Itigelov was asked to help him buy a car, now they are asking pray for all the living. Attitude to the Hambo Lama phenomenon too is changing. Many are already used to his condition and are now surprised why is he not talking. But in any case, Itigelov is the most exciting story of the current millennium. Facts According preserved pedigree, Dasha Dorjo Itigelov was born in 1852 in the Ivolginsky district. • Studied at Aninsky datsan. In 1898 enrolled in regular lamas. In 1911 he was elected and sworn to office. in the dignity of the 12th Pandito Hambo Lama of the Lamaic clergy of the East Siberia. • June 15, 1927, at the age of 75, Pandito Khambo Lama Itigelov asked the datsan lamas to read a prayer for him “Good wishes to the departing.” After the rite, according to testament, Hambo Lama in the lotus position was placed in a cedar box and lowered to the ground. • Itigelov wrote to his descendants in his will, so that the box with his body is lifted after 75 years. September 10, 2002 llamas of the Ivolginsky datsan in the presence of forensic experts opened the box and transferred Pandito Khambo Lama Itigelov to Ivolginsky datsan.

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