The 9 most unlucky people on earth

If you think you’re unlucky or something is going wrong, believe me, there are people who are much worse. Some residents of our planets are simply doomed to live with terrible defects, and there are those who can be called explicit outsiders among others.

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And against their background, many problems seem insignificant and not so scary. Take a look at this list of people.

1. Big win in the lottery

The whole village won the lottery, with the exception of one guy. Every year on the eve of Catholic Christmas in Spain large sums of money in the El Gordo lottery, which translates as “Fat man.”

Residents of a tiny village called Sodeto Long celebrated their joint winnings in the Christmas lottery. 70 families, with the exception of one single man, decided buy lottery tickets and mark the same number, which, in in the end, and it turned out to be happy.

The total gain amounted to 950 million dollars. These fabulous the money was divided between all the inhabitants of the town. Happy in a matter of hours, almost all residents were wealthy a small Spanish town.

As a result, ordinary farmers, builders, and unemployed residents became wealthy. Everyone got a few million dollars and thanked Providence for taking the risk participate in this lottery.

However, among all these lucky ones, still there was one unfortunate by the name of Kostis Mitsotakis (Costis Mitsotakis). Poor thing simply ignored the case of buying a ticket for a company with all note the winning number.

Or, most likely, women from the Housewives Association, who sold tickets, forgot to knock on Kostis’s door. IN as a result, he became the only one in the village who was left without a prize fund.

2. Lightning strike in humans

They say that lightning will not strike twice in the same place or in one the same object. However, American Roy Sullivan became famous thanks to the lightning striking him as many as seven time.

Young ranger of the Shenandoah National Park, Virginia, hit the Guinness Book of Records as the person who most often subjected to lightning strikes. This peculiar record in quantity blows terrible elements made Sullivan famous throughout world.

The chances of being struck by lightning are approximately 1 in 3000. A to get hit by lightning 7 times you need to really “try”. The poor man, obviously, should be considered unlucky. However, after so many lightning strikes, the American survived. To be maybe he is lucky?

If you think that after another trouble Roy has become careful, then you are mistaken. He did not sit at home or avoid bad weather. The last lightning bolt caught the American fishing.

In addition to this trouble, a bear attacked Roy. However, being not even in good physical shape, the American managed deal with the animal and return the fish that the bear intended to abduct. This fishing, according to Sullivan himself, will be remembered by him for a long time. After all, in addition to the already familiar lightning, he was attacked also an animal.

3. Crazy bullet

Henry Zeigland could be called lucky, if not know the whole story to the end. Back in 1883, a young man broke up with his bride. From grief the girl fell into a terrible depressed, and after much tears and suffering hands.

The elder brother of the unfortunate suicide promised to avenge his sister. He vowed to kill Henry and, tracking him at night, shot at a young person. A bullet flew close to his face but didn’t hit him, but stuck in a tree trunk. Counting the sister’s offender dead, the last bullet a man released into himself.

However, Henry was lucky. He was not even injured. Having received only minor scratches, the young man safely reached at home, after which he considered himself a real lucky.

But the story did not end there. Many years later, Zeigland decided to cut down the tree in which the bullet intended once for him. The task was not easy, so Henry decided to blow it with a few dynamite checkers.

As a result of the explosion, the released bullet flew right into head to the unfortunate. Zeigland died on the spot. It was said that as if the bullet had been waiting for its victim all these years, and at the very unexpected moment treacherously and meanly avenged.

4. The hairiest man

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Ladies dissatisfied that their men are excessively hairy, probably pick on. Since there is as much hair as there is on the body Yu Junchang, it’s hard to imagine. This Chinese is officially recognized as the most hairy person in the world.

As a result of a rare disease, nearly 96 percent of a man’s body covered with dense vegetation. The poor thing had surgery hair removal from the ears, as his hearing began to deteriorate. AND the doctors urgently had to intervene so that Yu Junchan would not go deaf.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that because of the abundant vegetation on the body, many take the Chinese as an animal. Hair do not grow only on the palms and soles of men’s legs. Specialists calculated that on average one square centimeter has 41 hairs. Doctors call such a rare disease atavism.

However, the guy did not get depressed. On the contrary, Junchan decided become famous due to his unusual appearance. On the website the hairiest man in the world Photo. Every day a lot of people visit his page.

Thus, the enterprising and not desperate Chinese decided “untwist” yourself and become a new star of our time. Also it is known that the dream of a hairy Chinese to marry a good girl and create a full-fledged family.

5. Unhappy woman

The most miserable woman lives in America. Melanie Martinez (Melanie Martinez), Louisiana native, in 4 scary the elements lost 4 houses. Her last home perished in 2005, when the infamous Hurricane Katrina hit the city. After which Melanie got the title of the most unlucky woman of the New Sveta.

However, troubles in a woman’s life were just beginning. The organizers of the popular American television show decided to help miserable. Her temporary dilapidated housing was converted to unrecognizable.

A whole team of specialists worked on so that her modest dwelling becomes a house fit for normal of life. About $ 20,000 was spent on making good repair and equip the house with the necessary appliances.

According to Melanie herself, for some time she even became consider yourself the happiest woman in the world. However, fate ordered otherwise, not allowing the woman to rejoice for a long time her new housing.

August 29, the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina to the town another element collapsed. The ruthless hurricane Isaac demolished everything houses in the neighborhood, he did not spare Melanie’s new house. In the next times a natural disaster caused the Martinez family stayed on the street.

The woman herself and her entire family were rescued on a boat with five cats and three dogs. Everything else was lost. For 10 years, a woman lost five houses in five elements. However, Melanie herself considers it a miracle that she and all members of her family survived.

Perhaps the salvation of a woman is to get over to the town, which natural disasters bypass.

6. Unlucky person

John was recognized as the most unlucky person in Misty Albion Line. During his short life, the Briton fell into car accident, survived a lightning strike, fell from a cliff. In total difficulties, a man stood 16 times on the verge of death.

A series of failures haunted Mr. Lyne from birth. is he was the fifth child in a poor peasant family. is he born with congenital lung disease.

The doctors did not give any comforting predictions as to whether the baby will survive or not. However, thanks to special care and medicines, the boy managed to get to his feet. But a series of failures haunted him throughout his later life.

The first most dangerous moment for his life arose when the baby was barely one and a half years old. The child discovered a certain a bottle with a very strong disinfectant. Baby curiosity caused the little Line to be delivered to hospital, where the doctors did him a gastric lavage. Thanks soon medical intervention, the baby was saved.

And as a teenager, he was in another unpleasant situation. The boy fell from a tree and broke his right arm. On the way to the hospital the bus in which young John was in a serious accident in As a result of which the guy injured his left hand. When he is nevertheless got to the hospital, doctors noted the fact of a fracture of both limbs. It’s worth adding that it was Friday the thirteenth number.

7. Man-tree is a disease

Indonesian Dede Koswara was absolutely born a healthy person. However, at the age of 10, the boy fell in forest and hurt his knees. Apparently, I got into scratches a strange infection, after which around the wound began to form warts.

Then they slowly began to spread throughout the leg. And later strange warts appeared on the boy’s hands. For many years old guy helplessly watched how his limbs.

The disease attacked the man slowly but surely. Warts undermined his health, outlived all his energy and, what’s most terrible, almost completely immobilized Dede.

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He began to move with difficulty on blackened and heavy legs. Hands also refused to serve him. Indonesian became looks like a leper tree. Warts have grown and become resembling huge branches of trees, and Cosvara himself began to resemble unusual plant.

A man’s mysterious illness cost him marriage, career and independence. In order to somehow feed himself and not die from hunger, he had to join a touring group artists. Circus number, in which an unusual patient participated, they called it “a number with the participation of man – a tree.”

It is known that the poor fellow suffers from two diseases: common papilloma virus leading to the formation of new warts in case of some kind of infection, as well as a rare immune deficiency that allows viruses to spread faster in the body of dede.

Last year, Indonesian doctors used electric laser to remove a huge number of warts. Doctors removed almost 4 meters of the surface of a body infected with a strange disease. However, soon the warts grew again.

8. Hiroshima and Nagasaki – consequences

Tsutomu Yamaguchi officially recognized the only person in the world who survived the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. On August 6, 1945, the young engineer Yamaguchi in force of circumstances ended up in Hiroshima. Right at that moment Americans threw a nuclear bomb on the city.

Of the 350,000 inhabitants, 140,000 died instantly. By compared to others, Yamaguchi suffered slightly. He received only minor body burns, eardrum also affected. The young Japanese spent the night in a bomb shelter where they moaned around the wounded.

The next day, Yamaguchi bought a train ticket to his native cities. It is worth adding that Nagasaki is located 288 kilometers from Hiroshima. At that time, both cities were an important industrial and military base.

On August 9, another nuclear bomb was dropped on Nagasaki, which also caused the deaths of thousands of people. Yamaguchi completely deaf in one ear and got more severe body burns.

Over the next 12 years, he regularly had to change bandages on the body so that the wounds do not ooze and do not fall into them infection. From radioactive substances, like many Japanese, Tsutomu’s wife earned a hard cancer for life disease.

However, she lived a long life and died in 2008 from kidney cancer and the liver. Their son, also exposed to radiation at six months, died in 2005 at the age of 59 years.

Before his death from stomach cancer, Yamaguchi became ardent anti-nuclear campaigner. However, in his entire life, the Japanese never spoke badly about the Americans.

9. Dynamite and a dog

Once a young resident of Minnesota, Harry Jenkins (Harry Jenkins) and two of his friends went fishing. Lake that friends chosen for fishing, it was completely icy. To faster to break a hole in the ice, Jenkins decided to use dynamite.

When the dynamite briquette was thrown in the right direction, young people were horrified to see their dog running towards dynamite, taking him for a stick that they threw for her.

In front of frightened people, the dog lifted dynamite and, despite to the cries of men, began to move towards them, joyfully wagging his tail. All three realized that they were in danger and the matter worse than they thought.

Saving their lives, friends ran in the opposite direction. The dog, accepting everything that happens as a fun game, began to chase after them. Men were on the verge of death. However explosive the wave did not overtake them.

The dog died, and the crack resulting from the explosion on the ice in the place where Jenkens’s car stood became expand until it has swallowed the vehicle. Car went to the bottom of the lake.

On this misfortune did not end. On top of all the troubles Jenkins, an insurance company refused to pay cash the amount that the car owner usually receives in case of such misfortune.

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