The All-Seeing Eye appeared in the sky above Chile

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Chilean climatologist Rodrigo Contreras Lopez from the city of Temuco of the province of Kautin received an amazing video the other day, Capturing the sky on a smartphone camera.

The man at that moment noticed surprisingly even above the ground triangle composed of condensation traces of supersonic airplanes. And in the middle of this fantastic triangle shone the sun…

Our hero immediately felt that such a picture is very similar to the all-seeing eye, or the radiant delta, that is, on the main and the most famous Masonic sign. Lopez uploaded his video to The Internet wrote there about his admiration for what he saw, which it seemed to him a sign from above.

Of course, many users of the World Wide Web have concluded that we have a simple coincidence, albeit a very original one, why it certainly deserves attention and even surprise, however there is nothing supernatural in this. Also note the most skeptical users, the sun on the video turned out not too similar to the “all-seeing eye” (let the Sun in the figurative such a sense is), while the symbol of the Masons is precisely the human eye inscribed in the triangle.

However, other Network regulars agreed with the author that in this case, you can think about the activities of the Masons. According to conspiracy theorists, members of this powerful secret society in such a mysterious way they decided to remind either only Chileans, then whether to all earthlings in general about themselves. But this is already so, from the region speculation and fiction. True, the video is somehow mesmerizing and gathers a lot of people interested in paranormal of our world.

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