The American pensioner beat the bear protecting dogs

The American pensioner beat the bear, protecting the dogsA photo from open sources

Seventy-three American Carl Moore had to join fight with an adult bear to protect their forest animals dogs.

The incident occurred the other day in California. Carl in his youth worked as a bouncer in nightclubs and was fond of boxing, while He managed to maintain good physical shape in old age. Now a pensioner runs a construction company.

A man sat and talked at home with his colleagues who came to him, when I heard dogs barking in the yard. Moore immediately went to find out what bothered his pets. On the lawn he saw a young grizzly which dogs barked at. Frightened for the safety of their chihuahua and labrador, Moore began to scream and wave his hands, but the beast did not intend to leave another’s property. According to former bouncer, he, being under the influence of adrenaline, He ran up and hit the bear three times with his fists in the face. Animal growled and hastened to retire. Carl’s co-workers who also ran out of the house, confirmed his words to reporters.

A lonely pensioner told local employees Media that could not leave their dogs in trouble, which are for him a real family. The American suggested that this bear, among other things, visited his site for some time and stole from the pen of chickens, as they have recently begun to disappear dozens.

This amazing story once again suggests that in A duel is sometimes far more important than physical advantage, but self confidence. It is unlikely that an elderly man and his dogs could resist the bear, if he planned to harm them, more that grizzly bears are considered the largest and ferocious.

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