The American says that she is talking with the dead and is the sister of the virgin mary

A Marysville, Pennsylvania resident states: a conversation with dead relatives prompted her to study her pedigree, as a result of which she found out what is cousin of the virgin mary.

An American claims to be talking to the dead and is the sister of the Virgin MaryA photo from open sources

According to the American Mary Beth Webb (Mary Beth Webb), living in Pennsylvania, the idea of ​​studying data describing origin, visited her during a strange ritual, consisting in communication with the dead.

Mary claims that this ability appeared after her the death of a brother who died of cancer in 1999. Since she began to communicate not only with her cousin, but also with her parents, using the deceased relative as an intermediary.

Mary is sure that she receives information from the deceased father and mother, since a cousin tells her such details about which he never knew.

“My cousin and I always communicate intuitively, and this connection allows me to talk to people outside the earth. I I record the content of each conversation with deceased relatives, therefore, I have accumulated thousands of notes. I often asked questions about heaven and the process of moving from here to there, and got the most detailed answer from your brother. When I asked how it is It was, he said, that it’s beautiful and is like a visit to the wonderful garden, ”the American recalls.

A photo from open sources

The impressions of communicating with the deceased were so strong that the woman wrote a book about her experience. However, the American clarifies: the purpose of her work is not to make money, but to help people, who also lost their loved ones.

“I know that most people are skeptical of these stories and waiting for evidence and all that. I can only share their knowledge and hope that they will help the mourners, ”- adds Mary.

According to Oddity Central, over time, the medium began interested in their ancestors and the dead prompted her to think about pedigree study.

In search of the necessary information, the woman turned to the site non-profit genealogy company and having spent “a lot time ”for the study of the family tree, came to the conclusion that she is the 64th great-granddaughter of St. Joseph of Arimathea, who considered the uncle of the Virgin Mary by her father, and, as a result, accounts for mother of Jesus Christ cousin.

An excited woman wrote a letter to the site administrators about their incredible discovery, but they did not share her enthusiasm. “Well well, that’s certainly good, but you probably made a mistake ”, – such an answer was received by the “cousin” of the Virgin.


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