The American was kidnapped … home

The American was kidnapped ... homePhotos from open sources

In the US state of Oregon, a resident of a small northern town Klamath Falls said to the police about a very unusual missing. Not a wallet, a dog or a car was stolen from a man, but the whole house.

The victim, whose name it was decided not to call, called the police in the evening and began in a roundabout way to explain what happened to him happened, so that it would not be taken for a rally or a call of a madman. The police who arrived at the crime scene did not believe their eyes: there was really no construction, only footprints of the foundation.

The owner of the loss said that the house was seasonal and he did not visit its a few months. Deciding to rest there that evening, he arrived out of town and found such a shocking picture. The robbers don’t even had to take anything out of the house, as they simply stole the whole house.

Two days later, police discovered the theft at approximately two kilometers north of the foundation of the house. Move this massive construction, without attracting the attention of technology, very not so easy. Law enforcers concluded that attackers dug the foundation with a small mobile crane and loaded the house on low loader trawl, however, it is hard to believe.

Some experts suggested that the wooden structure was transported from one place to another by representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, because nothing was missing from the house and its movement It looked completely not logical from the point of view of theft). The victim, according to local ufologists, is lucky that he is in this the moment was not inside, because the missing structures, telephone booths and cars will certainly be found after a while, but people are far from always.

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