The artist sees a hundred times more colors than other people

The artist sees a hundred times more colors than other peopleA photo from open sources

Australian Concetta Antico, currently living and working in the American city of San Diego, consider very talented artist. The price of her work can reach several thousand dollars, but not everyone is capable of enjoy all the splendor of such a painting.

The fact is that a woman has a rare eye structure, which allows her to see a hundred times more shades than capable recognize most of us. All this variety of colors artist painstakingly adds to the canvas, although he perfectly understands that other people just won’t notice it.

Working in her youth as a teacher of painting, Antiko often took their students to a park or lake and gave them the opportunity to draw from nature. Concetta told the students: “Look how beautiful this stone shimmers with a blue tint. Look at the lilac the edge of this sheet. “The children silently nodded their heads, and only a few years later it turned out that they had no idea what she was talking about teacher Antiko went to the doctor and she was diagnosed – tetrachromatia.

In individuals with tetrachromatia in the eye, there are four species light receptors, while in ordinary people – only three. This deviation allows you to constantly see the radiation that goes beyond the limits of the spectrum visible to humans, clearly distinguishing shades colors that for the rest of us will seem completely identical. For example, looking at a gravel track, we are in the best in case we see several shades of gray, but in Antico’s eyes she will shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow.

Seeing and hearing hundreds of times better than the rest – rather tragedy

With such a deviation on our planet live a little more today two dozen people – at least such a small amount people turned to competent doctors, and they were able to deliver an accurate diagnosis, as well as documenting their rarest vision. Concetta is the only one of these unique ones who is engaged painting. Recently, the artist is trying to transfer to canvas all the variety of shades of the world with such skill so that it people with normal vision could see. However, check Whether she succeeds or not, of course, is impossible, since we we can’t imagine how the Australian sees the world, and she, in turn, can only guess how scarce our color perception is surrounding reality.

By the way, in the first half of the last century, no less lived in Russia, but rather even even more unique Konstantin Sarajev, who knows how play almost any musical instrument however considering any of them very limited in ability to convey all the beauty of sound (and therefore gave his heart to the bells), because Konstantin himself heard 243 sounds in each note. So he said that he has the feeling that he lives in a society of the deaf. And this for him a terrible tragedy. It seems to suffer from his gift and Concetta Antico, especially as an artist unable to convey everything what she sees and feels through color, to other people. And if Sarajev lived as if among the deaf, then Antiko lived as if among the blind …

A photo from open sources

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