The beach in Finland was covered with ice eggs “

The beach in Finland fell asleepPhoto from open sources

Nature constantly surprises us with its unusual phenomena. IN the first moments it seems that this is some kind of miracle, but all with finds its rational explanation. It happened on the Finnish island of Hailuoto in the Gulf of Bothnia when amateur photographer Risto Mattiola discovered strange on the coast “ice eggs”.

According to scientists, such cases are not so rare, since often observed all over the world – from Russia to the USA. “Ice Eggs” strewn 30 meters of the beach of the Finnish island, the largest reached the size of a soccer ball. During his walk with our hero’s wife witnessed how strong impetuous the wind washed ashore a mass of ice balls.

Experts explained that the photographer was faced with a very rare natural phenomenon, since it is necessary for its occurrence cold and windy weather. In these moments of ice floes, thanks the resulting waves begin to collide with each other and acquire a spherical shape. When on the breakaway pieces of ice sea ​​water freezes, they become spherical or oval forms.

Earlier, residents of the Yamal Peninsula discovered on the shores of Ob Bay lip a huge amount of snow balls that had a diameter of 30 up to 50 centimeters.

Andrey Vetrov

Time Islands Russia

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