The birth of a new race – possessing two hearts

The Birth of a New Race - Having Two HeartsPhoto from open sources

The surprises that the human body can present are not cease to amaze scientists and physicians. One of those amazing phenomena are people … with two hearts. Wherein some of them for a long time do not even know about their own uniqueness, because they have good health and do not seek help to doctors …

But why and how does this happen?

Extra heart to the third leg

In 1905 a strange announcement appeared in American newspapers: a certain Durr, a carpenter by profession, wrote that he had two hearts and bequeaths his body to the one who pays a lot of money for it. Several experts examined Durra and unanimously stated that men are actually two hearts and at the same time he is completely healthy. A group of doctors offered the carpenter ten thousand dollars for operation to extract one heart during life. However man-only refused, prudently fearing the consequences of such surgical intervention.

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The story of George Lippert, who was born in Germany in 1844 This famous man had three legs. Lippert performed at the circus of Phineas Taylor Barnum, the largest of American hoaxes, along with other highly unusual people (for example, the Russian boy Fedor Evtishchev, overgrown whose face resembled a dog face). Only in 1906, when Lippert died, an autopsy of his body revealed the presence in his chest two more hearts. No one, including George himself, has ever suspected of it.

There is evidence that a similar person lived in Russia: rural paramedic Vladimir Ognivtsev also had two hearts. About it It was reported in the reference book published in Yekaterinburg (1911) on surgery, there was a diagram showing the movement of blood in Ognivtsev’s body.

Both hearts beat in unison

Medical technology evolving over time has made it possible to “find” a whole series of people with two hearts. So, in 1967. in Yugoslav school during the next medical examination at a student Ramo Osmani a second heart was discovered; it was on the right and had the form mirror reflection of the first heart. X-ray examination showed that both bodies are smaller than they should be in such age, however, their clear joint work provides good circulation. Outwardly, the boy looked even healthier and stronger their peers.

Ramo Osmani has long been a grown man, but his regularly examined by doctors. In everything that does not apply to two hearts, Rameau does not too different from ordinary people. True, he is somewhat more enduring, although it also needs to rest.

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In 2004 The phenomenon of two hearts was discovered in a one-year-old Georgian a boy, and a few years later – with a fifty-year-old Ukrainian. It’s amazing that a baby from Georgia had a second heart in abdominal cavity, but in the aggregate both organs functioned fine.

At the beginning of 2004 a number of Russian newspapers published news about 47-year-old resident of Ingushetia Zyaudina Yandiyev, who also had detected two hearts. The man rarely consulted doctors, although once served in the army, and therefore underwent a medical examination. However, then the doctors did not notice a surprising anomaly, since applied a stethoscope, as expected, to the left side of the chest cells and did not suspect that the heart they were listening to was not the only thing at Ziaudin. At the end of 1999 trouble happened with a man – blood poisoning. In a hospital in the city of Nalchik, the doctor noticed that when taking a cardiogram, one electrode abruptly moved to the right side. Thus, doctors found two hearts in their the patient. After curing Ziaudin, the doctors conducted a full examination his body and did not reveal any other pathologies.

In 2004 Yandiev had a heart attack of both hearts, his were hospitalized. Pretty quickly the man recovered, however The doctors who commented on this event in the press stated: simultaneous heart attack suggests that there are two hearts in the body work as one, making up a single system.

Stabilization of the work of the native heart

In 2010 brought to the emergency department of Verona (Italy) an elderly man. His first and last name for reasons of medical secrecy hidden from the media. This person was found on an unconscious street with low blood pressure and difficulty breathing. Assuming a heart attack, the doctors conducted the appropriate drug therapy.

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On examination, a man found two hearts. Error selecting medication had the opposite effect and led to the fact that both hearts of the patient stopped. Fortunately, doctors with defibrillator made them beat again. After some time the man, recovering, left the clinic.

As it turned out, the second heart of an unusual patient was a donor and served him for several years. Transplanted organ well took root and stabilized the work and the state of the “native” heart men. Incorrectly administered medication provoked cardiac arrest and, as a result, – doubler organ.

Second heart did its job

Operations in which the patient’s heart remains in place, and another is transplanted to the right side of the chest, occur infrequently. One, for example, was made in 1996. in London. Heart surgeon with world-famous Magdi Yakub transplanted someone else’s heart to a two-year-old girl Hanne Clark Her own, which was twice the size more than normal, could not withstand the loads. Heart surgeon transplanted donor heart in the right side of the chest, and the “native” left on his location.

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So Hannah lived for ten years. However, in 2006. the girl started transplant rejection (precisely anticipating this possibility, the surgeon left her “native” heart).

At that time, Magdi Yakub was already a pensioner, he did not operate and only advised surgeons. At first it was assumed that doctors or suppress the rejection reaction, or start their own heart the patient. It turned out that over the ten years of the work of the doubler Hannah’s heart rested, recovered, and most importantly – for all indicators have become the same. Therefore, the “double” was redundant – and the body began to reject it.

The operation was very easy; after her, Hannah spent in the clinic only five days (planned for several months). Quickly Having recovered, the girl even began active sports.

A similar operation in March 2009. was held in sao paulo (Brazil). Heart surgeon Alfredo Fiorelli transplanted to 53-year-old donor heart to the patient, leaving his own and combining both vessels. Now the man is feeling well, and doctors say that his own worn out heart functions much better than it was before.

Two-heartedness is in the genes

In Irkutsk there was a unique case, about which through newspapers said Elvira Chernikova, looking for her cousin brother. In 1937 her aunt Valentina Dedyukhina gave birth to a boy with two hearts. The doctor convinced the woman that with such a pathology, the baby simply did not survive, and persuaded to abandon his son. Valentine signed the refusal, but a few months later changed her mind and began to search for the child. As it turned out, he disappeared along with a doctor who allegedly adopted him. Given the difficult time Dedyukhina did not dare to appeal to law enforcement agencies.

Several years passed – and Valentina’s sister also gave birth to a boy with two hearts. Now this is a healthy, albeit an elderly man, both whose hearts are working properly, writes Elvira Chernikova. Now woman trying to track down her cousin, missing in 1937

This story suggests that the presence of a person of two hearts is somehow connected with genes, since children are phenomena appeared in sisters.

The birth of a new sixth race?

American anthropologist Suzanne Kachel studied for a long time people with two hearts. According to her, the system of two lungs and one heart was born about 300 million years ago – when animals began to move to land from the water.

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The human embryo initially has two bicameral hearts, which, as it were, merge then into one four-chamber. That that the formed human body has two hearts, is a manifestation of gene memory, says Susanna Kachel. By for any reason, the fusion of two paired primordia is broken, after whereby each develops into a separate and independent heart. If this amazing couple works harmoniously, the person is healthy, even somewhat healthier than those with only one heart.

At the same time, scientists note that the number of “two-hearted” people with increases over the years. Could it be that nature starts like this way to create a new sixth human race? Quite perhaps…

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