The black cat “dissolving” in air to the surveillance camera

A photo from open sources

Black cats have long been considered carriers of supernatural abilities, and the video below, obtained on last week in texas is possibly wonderful proof of that.

Residents of the American city of Austin argue that the lens surveillance cameras installed near their home hit at night something truly amazing. Unknown black cat approached to the threshold of the house, after which it literally disappeared into the air, as if smoke.

It is reported that the father of the family, serving in the army, set up a security system so that his household is always under looked after and had the opportunity to resist robbers and bandits. According to the spouse of the military, a few nights ago she thought that someone else was walking around the house and the next morning she I watched the recording from the surveillance camera. What a woman saw on the video was very puzzling to her. Our heroine subsequently even sent these shots to her husband to express his opinion about what happened. True, how the brave army soldier reacted to this USA, unknown …

Mysterious movie demonstrates a black cat with luminous eyes slowly running around the house. When the animal turns next to a brick column, it suddenly disappears: first, his head and legs disappear, then his body and tail.

Some World Wide Web Users Who Have Viewed intriguing record, felt that everything was to blame for the low the quality of shooting, and the cat, they say, was simply indistinguishable from the background another dark area of ​​the frame.

True, other users have noticed (and not without reason) what the explanation is unlikely to satisfy the American, who, judging by her According to her, she felt a “stranger” near her house that night. A female intuition is a serious thing. Obviously, the surveillance camera was installed for this reason …


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