The black fog of the Casa Grande mountain has intelligence and able to teleport people

The black fog of the Casa Grande mountain is intelligent and capable of teleporting people.A photo from open sources

And although materialists chuckle at this superstition presented to our modern world still by American Indians, strange the black fog of the Casa Grande mountain that is located in the state desert Arizona USA, appears here in the dark until now, terrifying locals.

As soon as evening comes and the stars light up on the dark sky around the mountains of Casa Grande, as if from nowhere, an eerie black fog is born. He wanders the roads around the foundation of the mountain, and woe to him who sees him and does not have time to escape from of this dark etheric being, possessing a mind, moreover, cunning and insidious.

The legend of the black mist of Casa Grande born of indigenous by the Americans, namely the Hohokam Indians, who lived in the southwest modern united states. The ruins of their residential, cultural and religious buildings have survived to this day, however, the people themselves disappeared around the turn of the 11th-12th centuries, and somehow disappeared mysteriously and still inexplicably. Maybe the answer lies in how time in this mystical fog? ..

A photo from open sources

After all, as the Native American legend says, black fog is living entity of the desert, possessing intelligence and great power. According to the tradition of the natives, this entity must be treated with with great respect, otherwise you can simply “fall” into its foggy look and never return.

Black fog can chase a passerby, swallow it, making you experience difficult sensations – from incomprehensible euphoria to panic horror, which can easily drive a person crazy. IN mysterious fog people often just disappear, at best, having moved many kilometers in space, at worst – having done something similar in time and therefore disappearing from our world forever and ever.

For this reason, local residents try not to get close to the mountain. with the onset of darkness, without fail warning about the impending danger and visitors. However, daredevils and rip heads certainly are, and then the embodied spirit of the desert suits them quite dangerous fun, especially for those who don’t believe a damn thing, neither the devil, nor even into some kind of mythical black fog …


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