The Black Portal of the Urda River Gorge

The Black Portal of the Urdy River GorgePhotos from open sources of

Everyone who is interested in the mysterious phenomena of our lives is familiar with the theory of parallel worlds and heard about the portals through which in our reality is penetrated by, say, the same yeti or even fairies, some winged monsters or mysterious lake animals like Nessie By the way, there are many cases when people disappear without a trace, possibly through similar portals. Those few confirm this. the lucky ones who managed to get back.

Local history expert from the capital of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic of Nalchik V.N.Kotlyarov in 2004 also happened to encounter a portal clearly into another world. Moreover, his curiosity could well cause this person to disappear – without a trace and forever and ever.

It was a beautiful October day, Viktor Nikolaevich with the same indefatigable local history tourists went to explore writings (cave paintings) that were in the gorge of the Urdy River (about you can watch the video below). But since the way to mountains was not easy, then at some point Kotlyarov lagged behind groups, deciding to relax at the next halt.

A black hole in the rock appears

Left alone with nature, the local historian, in order not to doze off, took binoculars and began to examine the nearest foot of the rocks. And here a small miracle happened: literally in front of a man in one of stone walls through a flickering haze suddenly appeared a black opening, going somewhere deeper into the cliff, in which Kotlyarov caught (or somehow felt) two standing figures – a woman and a small girls.

Forgetting about fatigue, Viktor Nikolaevich jumped up and literally ran to a mysterious opening. But … rise, it seems very simple, turned out to be surprisingly heavy, like a man someone held, vigorously squeezing life out of him through sweat pouring straight down his cheeks in streams. And since it didn’t really stop curious local historian, then in his head began to be born warning phrases, such as: “why do you need it,” “stop, before it’s too late, “what are you doing, madman” …

Despite these warnings and mysterious physical torment, Kotlyarov reached the black opening, which turned out to be even more black than it seemed with binoculars: it was not literally reflected in it nothing, some kind of black hole in the rock. However a woman with a child in they still guessed this blackness, although they seemed to have moved over inland. Moreover, the man clearly “saw” that the little girl raised her hand, as if inviting him to follow inside this creepy aperture.

Viktor Nikolaevich tried this blackness with his hand, that is, he slipped it her into this horror – nothing happened and he did not feel anything. Now it remained to take a step, perhaps the most irreparable in his life, because blackness was not only scary, but literally attracted to itself (or to itself, to be more precise). Kotlyarov already began to bend (the opening was below his height) so that squeeze into this hole, when suddenly he uncontrollably wanted (maybe for the last time) look into the blue homeless sky. And he looked, and then he was mysteriously blinded by a sunbeam in his eyes everything sparkled, sparkled …

The black rock opening disappears

Waking up from this instant blinding, Victor Nikolaevich with I was surprised to find that there was no black opening anymore. mention, and his hand is firmly clamped in a stone crevice. Free oneself there was a whole problem out of it, but in the end it succeeded …

A photo from open sources

Here is such an amazing story in which, according to Kotlyarova, few even believed from his inner circle, where he is known as a truthful and sober man. But how is everyone convinced who faced some mysterious phenomena, it’s easy in them believe it only by experiencing all this first hand. In that case, even the most zealous skeptics and materialists change their opinion.

I wonder what kind of experience those who still dare get cross the forbidden line. For example, I was always surprised and mesmerized the act of a man who jumped onto the steps of the car famous italian ghost train jumped up and drove away with it into the unknown …

Life Portals

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