The boy appeared out of nowhere during TV report

The boy appeared out of nowhere during a television reportPhoto from open sources

The video below is an excerpt from a recent report shown on the British television channel “BBC News”. Many viewers watching this news release suddenly noticed in one mysterious detail similar to something from sci-fi or mystical movie.

Video shows a random Englishwoman with a reporter takes an interview. If you look closely, you can see how among the passers-by behind the woman’s right shoulder, as if from nowhere a baby appears. Some viewers even discerned that this a boy led by an adult.

The mysterious event occurred on Wednesday, December 12, when British journalists walked the streets and asked random passers-by, what do they think about the current political situation in country. These interviews acquired at some point almost mystical tint when behind one of the respondents in an instant two people sprang out of nowhere. Of course, this news quickly scattered over foreign sites dedicated to paranormal.

Many viewers and users of the World Wide Web felt that the boy and his parent simply teleported to the street, and this moment was accidentally captured camera reporters. However, skeptics found the incident a couple quite rational explanations that may also turn out to be faithful.

Some doubters claim that “BBC” did not like some replica of the lady being interviewed, and the TV channel decided to cut this fragment, making the “smoothing” of the footage in order to hide mounting. At that moment, they say, a parent and a child entered the frame. Then is there a common video editing error (unless, of course, was not a live broadcast).

According to other skeptics, before us is the usual reflection of pedestrians in a curved display window.

What do you think? Isn’t it true, believe in teleportation to where more pleasant than in some realistic “mistakes” and illusions? ..


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