The boy knows how to turn his head 180 degrees

The boy knows how to turn his head 180 degreesPhoto from open sources

A young acrobat just blew up social media with a video clip where he turns his head 180 degrees. Watching a video leads the audience in shock, because the acrobatic ability of a young gymnast just shake and look like a horror movie trailer.

Run this extremely dangerous (don’t repeat!) And a bewitching trick to the boy is helped by the father who holds him head, while he makes a turn of the body. When viewing can it seems that at some point the little boy’s neck is just breaks down. But the acrobat does not give up and returns the opposite position to perform a similar turn in slow motion mode.

Inhabitants of social networks have even come up with a nickname for this gymnast. They called him “owl boy” or “exorcist” the devil. ”

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