The boy lights a LED lamp hand touch

The boy lights up the LED lamps with a touch of his handA photo from open sources

9 year old Abu Tahir from the Indian city of Alleppey, Kerala, first surprised others, then Internet users, when discovered an unusual ability. Apparently, this schoolboy can light LED bulbs just by touching them electrical contact with any part of your body.

Having included the video below, which managed to become in recent few days a slight sensation on the World Wide Web, you can see this amazing action with your own eyes.

It is reported that the boy accidentally found out about his mysterious abilities just recently. His father Nizar, who works, to a word, an electrician, decided to change the incandescent lamps in the house to modern LED and purchased in the store a few pieces on a sample. The man asked his son to give him one of the purchased light bulbs, and an artificial light source suddenly caught fire in my hand teenager. Aunt Abu was so impressed with it that right there recorded my nephew on the smartphone camera and posted the received video to the network. It’s amazing that ordinary lamps do not have this effect in hands of this little phenomenon, like LED-lamps.

Reporters confirmed: the boy is really able to ignite LED lamp

Soon, journalists came to the family, who carefully checked a strange story and determined that this is no trick. LED lamps actually light up if their base touch the skin of a schoolboy. Tahir is not too happy with such attention to himself and tries to interact with the newspaper as rarely as possible – he is simply afraid of them. However, the boy became real a celebrity among his fellow countrymen who constantly ask him demonstrate this amazing gift. Superstitious Indians believe that this is a true divine miracle, however many patrons of the world wide web prefer to relate to such news with suspicion.

Some skeptics say that a teenager brings to his body insignificant electric current, which makes it ignite lamps. Such tricks, for example, were done by the famous inventor Nikola Tesla. According to other doubters themselves lamps are equipped with energy sources that are not visible to the naked eye. Finally, some doctors suggest that young indian’s ability is real but nothing there is no divine in it. Say, electricity is generated due to the abundant release of salts through its pores – this is rare the phenomenon, they say, can be attributed to human superpowers, however it is quite rationally explainable. Be that as it may, the first the impression of what he saw is just a miracle! See for yourself and be surprised!

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