The boy was presented with a new bedroom – the old one ate

A boy who eats stucco from walls, drywall, and many other inedible items, received a unique gift birthday – inedible bedroom. Zach Tahir celebrates his sixth birthday, and as a gift to him made a new bedroom after he nibbled the walls in his room. The boy suffers from a rare disease known as Peak’s disease, which makes him crave for inedible objects, in including stones, paper and moss. But his craving for inedible things, those around him, went to a whole new level – the child began chew drywall and putty from the walls, as well as eat blinds.

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“No one knows what he’ll try to eat next time. We don’t know what attracts him to the surrounding objects, we don’t can do to stop him from chewing everything that comes across to him arm, “says his 32-year-old mother, Rachel Khor. A new bedroom Zack is unique. The walls of the bedroom are made of the same material as the walls of the squash court, because of their stiffness and strength surface, the boy will not be able to gnaw them. In addition, all furniture the accessories in the room are very durable and will certainly be too tough to kid.

“Cabinets and chests of drawers were made with rounded edges and mounted so that he cannot pull them out. Blinds we installed between the window panes so it cannot get to them. The sticks for adjusting them are equipped with magnets, so I I’m able to remove them and cling only when necessary. ” – says Rachel. The bedroom is considered the first of its kind a room designed for people suffering from Peak. She cost a family of 50 thousand dollars. The family built new home to his home in Salford, Greater Manchester. Salford City Council allocated about 38 thousand dollars as part of disability benefits, but Rachel Horn managed to collect another 12 thousand in the form of charitable donations.

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