The British found a mysterious cocoon

A British nurse named Kepley told her followers.
on Twitter an unusual story that recently happened to her
and her family.

A couple of weeks ago, our heroine unexpectedly found near the door
his home is an incomprehensible object that looks like something not like a chicken leg, not
then a fragment of a plant. Spongy object from which grew
many strange fibers, had a length of about 25 centimeters.
The surprised woman picked up the find and tried to find out what
it is. However, she did not even think to be careful.

Questioning Internet users and friends did not bring Kepley
any results. No one could tell the British woman what
is the item she found. Meanwhile, our heroine noticed that
it is warm and gives off moisture. The woman thought that maybe
An alien cocoon appeared at her doorstep, or at least
amazing plant that can live without soil and water …

And then there was a very unpleasant, even frightening incident. At that
morning the nurse was going, as always, to go to work and, opening
the door of the family car was terrified. Hundreds crawled inside the car
nasty orange larvae! It turns out that they were filled
the mysterious cocoon lying in Kepley’s purse in the backseat. By
According to the woman, the creepy insects easily gnawed the bag and in
that moment when she discovered them, they calmly ate leather
car seats. Frightened Briton rushed to her husband, who,
armed with a vacuum cleaner, for a long time fought with “alien
pests. “

Kepley contacted journalists who wanted to tell her story
from the pages of the British tabloids. However, no one is still
able to explain what the larvae brood was. Family
safely got rid of the empty shell of the cocoon and all crawled out
from it the larvae. Most likely, this secret will remain
unsolved because experienced biologists did not have time to touch
her. And now it’s too late to do anything – the train is like
it says gone. The British, unfortunately, did not take it all on video,
not saved for scientists a few of those mysterious larvae, but quite
could, if she and her husband had not panicked that morning, but
calmly and scientifically solved the problem …

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