The British found a portal to another world

The authorities of British Brighton received a letter from the local a resident who discovered a window in another dimension in the city. The man turned to officials with information about the “portal or whirlwind”, which may suck careless residents, writes the local newspaper The Argus. According to an anonymous sender, he noticed a strange phenomenon strolling with your pet. “I walked with my affenpincher (a dwarf breed of dogs) when he saw that on Montreal Road opened either a portal, or sucking everything in a row a whirlwind, “he said. The man decided that in front of him was a” window to the other times, places and measurements. “Shot from the game” Portal 2 ” Photos from open sources

Anonymous admitted that he wanted to study the hole in more detail, however rejected this idea because of fears that it might fall into it four-legged favorite. In an appeal to the authorities, a man writes: first he decided that this was some kind of unusual installation Brighton Festival. “I think it’s dangerous for society. I’m waiting your answer, “the worried Briton wrote. did not respond to the alarm letter and received the next day second message from an alert city dweller. “I recently told you about the portal. So: the situation has worsened. The window exudes strange yellow color and, it seems, a huge snake appeared from the wall “, – said in the text. “Now I’m completely sure that this window is in another time and dimension. I’m worried that if the snake crawls out, then someone else could come for her. Could you advise what actions should be taken? “- the author of the letter asks. Brighton authorities informed reporters that they were not going to initiate an investigation based on the facts stated by the man. However, nevertheless, they added that they would continue with pleasure accept appeals from city residents in any way convenient for them way.

Snakes Portals

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