The British intend to create mutant rats

Currently, the British suffer greatly from rats. In some
cities of the United Kingdom this year has been marked
A 10 percent increase in the population of these dangerous rodents. The specialists
try to poison the tailed pests with poison, however it helps
only in part. That’s why the fantastic idea of ​​creating
mutant rats.

The fact is that rats quickly stop reacting to poison, while
as he begins to accumulate in the ecosystem, killing others,
harmless creatures. London municipal servants, desperate to
their fight with these creatures, turned to the help of scientists, and
people of science, apparently, have found a suitable solution to the problem.

The specialists из Эдинбургского университета посчитали, что крыс
must be genetically modified in the truest sense of the word.
Such gene control will make rodents sterile, so
the most forcing their population to go “no.” This method is already
used in test mode against mosquitoes, allowing you to fight against
Zeke’s fever and malaria, but successfully do the same with
mammals – it will be a real breakthrough in science.

Mutant rats of the CRISPR gene experiment

The method is based on a promising modern gene.
process engineering called CRISPR. Such a tool will allow
scientists change the genome of animals in the lab and then release them
at will, where they will create offspring and give him the genes for infertility.
After a few generations, rats will become significantly smaller, and
then they may even die out, which is unlikely to grieve any of
urban residents.

The specialists утверждают, что в Великобритании водится несколько
tens of millions of rats, while fighting them annually requires
cash costs of 1.2 billion pounds. Time from
time here even come across really huge specimens,
look like rat monsters from horror movies. United Kingdom
It is considered one of the most infected countries in the world. Here is
why it was decided to conduct the CRISPR gene experiment here.

Nobody knows what it will give. In such experiments always
there are opponents who believe that gross human intervention
in nature never brings anything good. After all, even such
it would seem that a “humane” step of a man is like a general shooting of wolves
in order to preserve the population of other animals, led to the opposite
result. And here – genetic engineering against one more “unnecessary”
predators …

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