The Canadian stumbled in the forest “breathing” the ground

The Canadian came across in the forestPhoto from open sources

A few days ago on the famous YouTube video hosting An amazing video appeared. A resident of Canada managed to shoot in the forest a phenomenon that may not be known to official science – “breathing” earth, as he called such an unusual phenomenon.

This happened in the province of Nova Scotia in the east of the country. Thirty-seven-year-old Brian Nuttl went to the local Apple River, to catch fish, and suddenly came across a piece of soil that rhythmically rose up and down, as if breathing. The amazed eyewitness got a phone and began to walk around, removing this amazing phenomenon.

Brian says: “I sometimes leave the city to study fishing. It’s especially nice to do this in autumn, since we have very beautiful nature. I walked through the woods and accidentally stumbled upon the place where the earth rose and fell. Instinctively at first I wanted to run away, but my curiosity overpowered fear, and I even captured everything on video. I quickly realized that I had nothing to fear. At least, if you stand not on moving soil, but nearby – on normal. When I came home, I began to search the Internet information about such phenomena, but, unfortunately, nothing found”.

Over three watched the original video on YouTube million regulars of a resource. Many commentators have called this an anomaly of sinister and frightening. There were also users who They tried to explain this phenomenon rationally, without any mysticism. So, some of the commenting videos suggested that the earth in those places it became loose, thanks to which the trees can no longer in hold her tight, and gusts of strong winds force them bend down – at this time, the roots of the trees raise a moss carpet, then lower it when the wind subsides.

Other commentators stated that this is a normal montage, noting Extremely low recording quality for 2015. “Amazing but everyone who stumbles upon UFOs, ghosts, big feet and various anomalies, for some reason always use grandmother’s phones, “- one of the skeptics writes. On the other hand, why is it for man, who wished to remain incognito? ..

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