The canadian took off a mysterious silhouette on the clouds

The Canadian lifted a mysterious silhouette on the cloudsPhoto from open sources

Not so long ago, a resident of the Canadian community of Sanford in the province Manitoba was collecting hay on the field and suddenly noticed something strange over the horizon. According to the man, clouds in the distance rushed sharply to a mysterious dark object in the sky. This object was very reminiscent of a human figure standing high above the ground. After some time, an inexplicable silhouette somehow strangely stretched vertically, and then simply disappeared.

Although the alleged supernatural phenomenon occurred at a great distance from the eyewitness, the farmer insists on the postulate that he saw perfectly the anomaly that rose up and in the end literally “shot” into the sky. The Canadian did not fail get your mobile phone and capture this phenomenon on video. The man returned to his daily work, and when he arrived home and watched the video on the computer, sent the received video to ufologists from the well-known organization “Mutual UFO Network”.

What could it be? According to some Internet users, it is a religious miracle, and the image of Jesus appeared on the clouds Christ or the Virgin. Others believe that the following the record shows a ghost. Still others claim that the Canadian became a witness to the activities of representatives of extraterrestrial civilization. Proponents of the theory of intelligent clouds, on the contrary, do not see this nothing supernatural, in their opinion, long enough watch cloud formations and cloud games to understand this, and such “random revelations” people capture in heaven constantly, there are tons of evidence on the Internet.

Indeed, such “anomalies” are periodically observed during many parts of the world, however no one is able to identify them nature and say with accuracy what they are and even so more – mean. Scientists, of course, explain all this. natural causes that many independent researchers seem not very convincing …

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