The car stood upright on the road

The car stood upright on the roadPhotos from open sources of

On one of the tracks of the American city of Suffield in the state Connecticut was spotted car suddenly standing upright in the middle of the road. Apparently, the car caught on the front bumper per power line however what caused the transport means to fly up – a real mystery, which could not be solved neither rescuers, nor police, to witness the incident, nor herself owner of the car.

In this region, observed in the last days of bad weather, however, According to rescuers, gusts of wind were far from such intense to take the whole car into the air. Driver also unable to explain what happened to her. Motorist claims it happened within a split second and she found herself lying in an arm-chair with legs thrown back. Her 4-year-old and 5-year-old children were at that moment in their car seat in the back seat and soon cried.

Lisa Buly and her offspring were lucky that they were not shocked. The woman was afraid that the car would fall, but this, fortunately, also did not happen. The first oncoming driver passing by immediately called the rescuers, who in half an hour got Bully and her children from a rearing machine safe and sound. Local law enforcers report that the mysterious incident is subject further investigation. However, hope that the cops consider any supernatural theories probably not worth it. Although ufologists are already speculating about the intervention aliens, and some researchers of paranomal phenomena hinted at by otherworldly forces, perhaps an American and her children the Guardian Angels just saved them, which makes the situation difficult to logical understanding …

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