The cat attacked an obscure moving mass of black colors

The cat attacked an incomprehensible moving mass of blackA photo from open sources

The video below was made by a certain American, wishing to remain anonymous. In the basement of his house, he set up a camcorder to keep track of your pets, and captured on the video much more than I wanted.

After reviewing the recording, the man noticed an incomprehensible black object, interested cat. At first, the American thought that a small shapeless blot is ordinary rubbish on the floor, but then something unexpected happened: the “garbage” suddenly stirred.

Footage shows how the cat gently touches the object with its paw. – and he also releases something like a paw, equal in length the original sinister “blot.” Having received such a rebuff, the animal right there runs back.

Many netizens have called this video weird and intimidating. Surprised commentators write that the black mass on the floor resembles a large slug, however the rate at which it throws its “paw”, excludes such a version. Maybe this is a kind of mutant?

In any case, the resulting video makes you think. Today, many people set up such traps for tracking. behind their home, and then with horror they realize that in their house occur the devil knows that unknown entities and animals live. So maybe you should not install cameras video surveillance? After all, our ancestors lived, doing well without them. As they say, they lived and did not grieve, and most importantly – slept more soundly …

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