The cemetery statue of the Black Angel, touch which can kill

The graveyard statue of the Black Angel, the touch of which can killA photo from open sources

At Auckland Cemetery in Iowa City, Iowa there is the famous 2.6-meter bronze statue in the form of a winged angel, erected in 1912 by a Czech-American sculptor Mario Corbelom Locals call the statue the Black Angel and attributed to him ominous supernatural properties. Alleged what if you ignore all warnings and touch blackened metal, then soon you will certainly comprehend demise.

The statue stands on the grave of Teresa Dolezal and her family. It is known that Teresa moved to Iowa City with her 18-year-old son Eddie and worked here as a midwife. The guy died in 1891 from meningitis, and he was buried in Auckland Cemetery. Dolezal left for Oregon, where met mutual love and married Nicholas Feldevert. However, the American family happiness was not long, because her husband left this world in 1911, just a few years later after wedding.

A photo from open sources

Teresa returned to Iowa City and turned to the famous sculptor Mario Corbel to create an angel statue that will rise above the body of her son and the ashes of her husband. No one knows, why, however, Corbel poured a statue that looks into the earth at that while other angels in cemeteries tend to turn their eyes to heaven. Rumors that the monument is unkind crawled among superstitious townspeople as soon as a strange sculpture delivered here by train.

Teresa died in 1924, her ashes were buried with her husband and son. Years passed, and a shiny golden statue began to turn black, starting from the eyes. Blackness slowly spread to the head of an angel, then to the whole body, turning a bright sculpture into a frightening dark cemetery figure.

Mysterious Black Angel Carrying Death

Some locals whispered that the deceased was a witch, sold the soul to the devil. Others suggested that she killed their relatives, and the angel darkened to expose the killer. According to third, Teresa swore to the angel that she would always be faithful to the deceased spouse, however, did not fulfill this promise, so the monument became in black.

A photo from open sources

There were also those who, on the contrary, considered our heroine to be very faithful and pious woman. Such people say Teresa is very grieved after the death of her son and husband, and therefore soon became ill and has passed away. The eyes of the statue turned black in one night, like an angel and himself cried from grief.

There are several cases when, after interacting with Cherny People suddenly died as an angel. For example, in one story tells about four young people who came to the cemetery to Halloween and urinated on the statue. When they returned home, then had an accident and died on the spot.

A photo from open sources

Another story shows a teenager who sawed off with a hacksaw finger sculpture. The next day, the guy disappeared, and a week later found drowned in a local lake. The most amazing thing is that the finger returned to the Black Angel, as if he had never been sawed off.

It is noteworthy that a couple of years ago the leading American TV program “Ghost Highway”, dedicated to the paranormal, visited the Auckland cemetery and with the help of a thermal imager saw how bronze sculpture radiates heat. And this despite the fact that she stood winter. Thus, even if you lay aside all unverified rumors Black Angel is definitely definitely hiding something mysterious, mystically inexplicable …

Angels Sculptures

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