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According to ufologists, on Earth there are about a hundred bright expressed abnormal zones, and more than ten of them are in Of Russia. One of the most famous is the Perm Triangle, which also called the “M” zone, the M-triangle, and local peoples Mansi (Voguls) magnify him only as the navel of the earth.

This anomalous zone was not called a triangle by chance: all unexplained phenomena (paranormalism, as some say) occurs here on the territory in the form of a “strictly defined” isosceles triangle. The top and main event venue it is the village of Molebka (hence another name – Molebsky triangle), where in 1983 Perm geologist Emil Bachurin discovered a unique UFO landing pad. After that in The prayer began a real invasion of all kinds of scientists, ufologists and just ghostbusters.

At the turn of the century, all scientific research here stopped the reason that the abnormal zone “calmed down” and is no longer showed itself actively. But, according to the director of the Russian ufological station (RUFORS) Nikolay Subbotin, long and intently studying zone “M”, the Perm Triangle has a thirteen-year period of activity. It is no coincidence that at the end of 2013 they started here already new “misunderstandings”, for example, local residents began to fall into hospital due to lack of oxygen. It’s in the untouched taiga, where for hundreds of kilometers there are no large industrial enterprises!

Other oddities became more frequent: flying fireballs, UFOs various modifications, the appearance in the winter in the thirty-degree frost thaw in the forest and even mosquitoes … Such unusual phenomena in the village Almost every resident saw the prayer, but people are afraid share their impressions of what they see, as everyone considers it’s hell, and it’s dangerous to joke with evil spirits …

A photo from open sources

In the proposed documentary project (see the film “Navel Earth “) you can get acquainted with the events of television the investigation that the crew conducted after the new activation of the Perm zone. Local ufologists help her in this, lovers and, of course, Nikolay Subbotin himself.

By the way, the local people of Mansi did not call this land navel by chance: today, scientists also believe that they came here after a sharp cooling on Earth the legendary hyperboreans. Not come randomly choosing this unique place first to concentrate on him left on Earth people, and when there were too many of them, – for easy care through this energy break in parallel world. Perhaps it is our ancestors who are hyperboreans continue to follow behind us, present simultaneously in two worlds, the gates between which is the zone “M”, and specifically – the area of ​​the village The prayer.

It is worth saying that the village itself is gradually dying out, since in she has no work and living conditions for young people. At one time the authorities tried to organize a tourist zone here, like the one that is near the famous (after the crash of a UFO) the American city of Roswell since ufological tourism is gaining momentum in the world. But … while things are still there. Everything rests on money, sponsors who would like to invest in this business, not yet located. Or maybe just higher powers do not allow this do…


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