The Chinese baby survived after lying a week in grave

The Chinese baby survived by lying a week in the graveA photo open source Chinese woman from Heilongjiang collecting herbs in a village cemetery when she heard weak screams from under the ground. Frightened, the villager quit her job and ran into the village, believing that she had met an evil spirit. At home Chinese woman still decided to call the police.

Law enforcement officers, arriving with her at the cemetery, recovered from the ground a cardboard box that was buried deep into just a few centimeters. In the box lay a screaming infant. IN further it turned out that his parents, noting the splitting of his son heaven (the so-called hare lip), decided to get rid of the ugly offspring in such a cruel way.

The father and mother of the baby, feeling remorse, returned to two days later, however, they considered that the child was dead, and left him to the cemetery. However, the baby managed to miraculously survive in for seven and a half days. The newborn is reportedly it was saved precisely by the fact that he was buried shallow, because in an impromptu coffin seeped in air and rainwater. By According to the Chinese police, they have not encountered such a long time monstrous attitude to a helpless child. There are many in the world cases when the birth of a child is accompanied by deviations from norms are even larger, for example, he is born with four arms and legs, without a nose or growing with a huge leg, but not one parents in this case do not abandon their child. And here…

Doctors instantly provided the boy with the necessary assistance. Now the condition of the baby is assessed as stable – nothing threatens his life. The careless parents of the unfortunate who are peasants from the same village are likely to be shot after court. They were arrested that day along with three relative accomplices.


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