The Chinese voluntarily cleared a million live bees

The Chinese voluntarily stuck with a million living beesPhoto from open sources to a citizen of the People’s Republic of China managed to become world famous after he planted on yourself a million living bees. This was reported by local reporters People’s Daily.

The weight of the insect cover was almost one hundred and ten kilograms. In one kilogram of such attire was about ten thousand bees. Such indicators are record, and because the extremal has already hit the famous Guinness Book of Records.

Fifty-five-year-old Gao Bingo lives in the urban district of Tai’an Shandong Province and works as a beekeeper. According to the man, he studied bees from an early age and studied all the slightest subtleties of them behavior. At the time of setting his unprecedented record the Chinese were covered with insects for almost an hour, while receiving over two thousand bites. An ordinary person, being stung so the number of bees could have died, but, according to Bingo, for an experienced beekeeper, this is a mere trifle. The man even considers bee stings in such a huge amount of good for health, at least for him.

During this highly complex and dangerous experiment, which demanded sixty preliminary training from the Chinese, Gao only asked for a cigarette that he smoked with his an assistant.

Interestingly, bees not only allow humans to receive honey and set the above unusual records, but can also assist police, military and sappers. Americans to for example, plan to train bees that will allow find cannabis, opium poppy, coca and other plantations narcotic plants.

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