The Chinese woman suddenly found out that she had lived all her life without cerebellum

A photo from open sources

A girl from the Chinese province of Shandong lived to be 24 years old, not knowing that she has been missing a significant part of the brain since birth, and it is the cerebellum.

Such a discovery was made only when she visited doctors complaining of nausea and dizziness. She said physicians who have problems with life walking. Her mother reported that her daughter could only go at seven years, and talk started at the age of six.

Normal brain tomography, cerebellum in red

A photo from open sources

After tomography, doctors immediately identified the source of the problem – its cerebellum was absent. The space where it should be empty. This brain area was filled with cerebrospinal fluid, provides protection against the disease. The cerebellum takes about 10 percent of total brain volume, but contains 50 percent of neurons.

Brain imaging of a Chinese woman without cerebellum

A photo from open sources

A woman joins an “elite” club of nine people, who lived without this authority. However detailed descriptions of this there is no disease, since all people died at a young age and the problem was detected only at autopsy.

Cerebellar problems can lead to severe mental backwardness, movement disorders, epilepsy or potentially deadly buildup of fluid in the brain. However, at to this woman, lack of cerebellum led only to mild deficiency movement and moderate speech problems, such as slightly slurred pronunciation.

Doctors describe these effects as “less than might be expect, “and they say her case underscores the amazing plasticity of the brain.

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