The CIA is resorting to the help of psychics in complex investigation

The CIA is resorting to the help of psychics in the investigation of complex casesA photo from open sources

In declassified documents of the Central Intelligence Agency US authorities found information on extraordinary methods Investigations by terrorist officers.

We are talking about the tragedy that occurred on December 21, 1988. Airplane “Boeing 747-121” of the American airline “Pan American” flew PA103 from London to New York, however less than an hour later after the take-off of the airliner in its bow cargo compartment occurred Detonation of bomb. Burning wreckage of a destroyed aircraft collapsed in the Scottish city of Lockerbie. As a result of the disaster killing all 259 people on board the aircraft, and 11 Lockerbie residents.

A photo from open sources

A major investigation was conducted to determine the cause. Boeing explosion and find those responsible for the tragedy. Investigation engaged in both British and American intelligence. AND, according to recently declassified CIA data in the United States experts resorted to very unusual methods of solving this secrets. It sounds like the plot of some Hollywood movie, however, US agents turned to psychics.

US intelligence agencies often use services psychics

The CIA’s published documents say that the project wore the name “solar strip” and was intended for research mental phenomena, as well as the use of the gift of clairvoyants with the purpose of obtaining valuable information. It is not known whether American intelligence agencies firmly believe in extrasensory perception or simply try to use all possible methods of investigation, even if some of them look in the eyes of an ordinary materialist completely absurd.

A photo from open sources

Most likely, the US authorities have a set of so-called “secret mediums “who help their intelligence structures countries, however, from simple compatriots their abilities hide. However, sometimes US intelligence agencies for help and to well-known sensitives.

So, the clairvoyant, journalist and author of many books of Ruth Montgomery claimed that she was visited in the seventies government agents who are very persistent asked a psychic to help them find a serial killer, responsible for at least six deaths. Montgomery succeeded determine the approximate age and appearance of the offender, whom arrested three weeks after that. Visions of a woman turned out truthful.

Ruth refused to sign the non-disclosure agreement secrets and soon told the world community that often, especially in the most desperate cases, US intelligence agencies have the habit of resorting to the help of mediums.

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