The clouds behave very strange again

The clouds are behaving very strange againPhotos from open sources of

Above the American city of Palmdale, located in the county Los Angeles California, weird clouds appeared if it a mysterious phenomenon can generally be called cloud formation (see photos and videos).

It’s clear that the conspiracy theorists immediately started talking about secret U.S. military weather experiments. Here is the opinion of one their supporters of this theory:

Today in the world a lot of abnormalities are recorded phenomena, including strange technogenic sounds and mysterious clouds that may be the result of weather experiments. The terrible chemotrack over Palmdale once again confirms that everything this artificial is the formation of human hands. It’s hard here fell on aliens or on the wisdom of the clouds (there is such theory). The technogenic nature of this cloud monster.

On the submitted photos and videos that fell into the hands specialists in abnormal phenomena from an American, resident of this city, we see a really very strange cloud, which managed to stretch out a terrible “train” all over the sky. The author of the video itself called it a cigar cloud, although users Internet networks do not quite agree with this definition of women.

By the way, experts drew public attention to the fact that pictures of google earth at this time could be found inexplicable a white line stretching across almost the entire globe. Not her did the “fragment” go to heaven in the city of Palmdale? However, this again no more than guesswork. But to keep silent like that, by no means to explain to people what miracles these are, in the USA it’s already becoming “good” tradition …


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