The clouds over Helsinki showed tremendous funnel

The clouds over Helsinki showed a huge funnelA photo from open sources

Proponents of intelligent cloud clouds continue to collect evidence that our brothers mind air constantly send us some signals or just show their fantastic opportunities.

Another such demonstration, in their opinion, was a huge and a very beautiful funnel that the clouds showed the inhabitants of Helsinki 9 August of this year. They turned this amazing heavenly phenomenon attention, even journalists and the city administration, why photographs a mysterious “heavenly joke” as described by pen workers (keyboard woodpeckers) have appeared on related sites.

A huge funnel in the sky hung over the Senate for a while Helsinki Square, while it changed somewhat in shape, why the attentive eye of a person could catch coming from the clouds some information. But the average person, as a rule, does not pay it attention, because the supernatural does not believe in anything. Good even the fact that he can notice such an unusual phenomenon in the sky, to admire or just admire him …

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