The creeping blue-stone began again move

A photo from open sources

The famous “Blue Stone” located in the Yaroslavl region on the shore of Lake Pleshcheyevo again began to move. Blue stone (Blue Stone) – part of the pagan sanctuary near Lake Pleshcheeva, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Alexander Mountain and the ancient city Pincers. This is one of the few genuine ritual objects, surviving from the days of pagan Russia. Name your stone received because after rain the color of the stone changes from gray to blue (this color takes its wet surface). A rock consists of fine-grained quartz biotite slate. Blue color is formed from refraction and reflection of light by the surface biotite flakes and quartz grains. Stone thickness – 0.6 m, length – 3.1 m, width – 2.6 m. The stone is dotted with small tubercles. According to recent research, the weight of the stone is about 12 tons. Blue stone was the object of worship of the Meryans, and then the ancient Slavic pagans, who came to the lake in the IX – XI centuries from Novgorod and Dnieper lands. The essence and nature of the worship carried out at stone in pre-Christian times, modern science is unclear.

Now the stone is located on the shore of Lake Pleshcheeva, but before he was lying near the Borisoglebsky Monastery of the Waters, between the old and new water pumps. The life of Irinarch of Rostov clearly indicates that the stone was in a ravine. (According to an ingrained tourist directories to the view, the former place of stone is the top Alexandra Mountains, which is not true.)


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