The creepy memory of a sand pit

The creepy memory of a sand pitA photo from open sources

I’m a driver, I have been working on a construction site for many years, I drive sand, gravel, just building loads. More than once got into minor troubles, but somehow everything was safely taxiing out. And once it happened, that then I couldn’t even work for a long time.

At the construction site it was necessary to bring sand from a distant quarry. It was uncomfortable, the road is broken, poor loader, but the authorities ordered nothing can be done. A few walker with sin in half done, it remains to go a couple more times.

Coming to a career – no loader. I sat down, waiting. Even I was delighted with such a simple thing: at least I will be able to relax a bit. Passed by probably in half an hour, I began to worry, I won’t have time for two flights to do. I walked a little along a well-worn road and suddenly I heard vote. There was no one around, and voices were heard, only strange as if from the ground.

Words cannot be made out, but it was definitely not the sound of the wind or there was a bird twitter. The voices became audible, but merged into some kind of hum. And then in general, I heard screams, but again, as if from the underground. It was so creepy that I rushed to the car and locked myself in the cab. Not I know how, but here I heard these strangled torn screams.

When the loader finally arrived, I no longer thought probably. He just asked who could scream here. And heard a story that terrified me even more.

Two years ago, two workers fell asleep here in their careers. Found them already dead, they suffocated under a layer of crumbling sand. For a long time, no work was done in the quarry, and it has recently been reopened. These terrible voices and screams heard many, but no one could give any explanation for this. Is it really the quarry remembered the last moments alive and constantly buried recalls the danger that these huge masses of sand are lurking?

I don’t know, but I could no longer work. All the time me haunted by these voices and screams. Only after I went to temple, everything has stopped. Nevertheless, it becomes creepy, even if I drive past this sinister place.

K. A. Dolgushin, Tyumen Region


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