The crocodile returned to the relatives the body he had eaten men

The crocodile returned to the relatives the body of the man he had eatenA photo from open sources

Just make a reservation that there is no mistake in the title of the note, she appeared on the pages of our portal about the supernatural phenomena only because the case that happened in Indonesia is not lends itself to no logical explanation.

The other day, a forty-year-old man named Sarifuddin from the Indonesian village of Berau had the imprudence to swim with friends in the Lempak River, where crocodiles are found, and therefore similar water procedures are strictly prohibited. No luck in this case to Sarifuddin, who was attacked by a huge alligator and dragged a man under water.

Note that crocodiles do just that with a large victim, dragging it to the bottom where any animal (in this case, a person) just suffocates and therefore quickly dies. And only after that the alligator starts his breakfast.

Witnesses of misfortune and then relatives and police tried save, and then at least discover the body (or remains) of the unfortunate Sarifuddin, but everything was in vain, and therefore soon such attempts have been discontinued.

However, the relatives made another attempt, they turned to the local shaman (black sorcerer), who was famous as crocodile caster. Such sorcerers, for example, could calmly to be among alligators, and they did not dare even touch them. Shaman at the request of the relatives of the deceased committed one to him led ceremony, after which he told the audience that he had turned to the deity of the crocodiles and asked him to return the body of Sarifuddin to the world alive, and that his request will be granted …

After that, everyone hurried to the Lempak River and witnessed how Alligator returns the body of a man. A crocodile swam to the shore gently squeezing the human body in the jaws. It actually turned out to be Sarifuddin, though the man was already dead and had serious wounds in ribs …

Local biologists do not understand how a crocodile returned the body of the person eaten by him? Even if we assume that this the alligator saved the prey for the future “breakfast” (was full, although well-fed crocodiles do not attack animals), then why is it did he suddenly decide to return to the people the body of the person he had killed? Is it all that the “sorcerer” has “spun” here, right? Mystery and only! ..

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