The dead can communicate with the living with white feathers

The dead can communicate with the living with white feathers.A photo from open sources

Foreign experts in the field of supernatural phenomena conducted a study and learned about one interesting modern a belief that has been found in recent years by many supporters. All more Westerners believe that deceased loved ones able to communicate with us using white feathers.

If the snow-white feather accidentally flew into your home or sat on clothes on the street, this may mean that the person you love and who has left this world, is trying to enter with you into contact. And more often than not, he just wants to tell you that everything is with him okay, and you should not grieve over it.

Examples of the deceased communicating with their loved ones through white feathers

Users of English-speaking social networks at the moment share stories related to unusual appearances of white feathers after the death of their loved ones.

For example, 34-year-old Alec Jenkins from the American Kentucky says about a year ago he and his wife walking around the city when such a feather suddenly appeared, started to “beat” them in faces. There was absolutely no wind around therefore, the couple was surprised that the feather behaved in a similar way. But they were even more astounded when they visited some time later psychic, and he informed them that the appearance of the pen was very a good sign from above. And this despite the fact that our heroes have already managed forget about this seemingly insignificant incident.

46-year-old Stephen Galliano from a Canadian province New Brunswick reports that his family recently lost one member. According to the man, immediately after that they began to appear in the house dozens of small white feathers. Households found them in the living room, in the bedrooms, in the cars, and Stephen himself even found one such feather in his wallet. The family did not dare to discuss for a long time a strange phenomenon, however one evening Canadians still broke this wall of silence and talked about the appearance of feathers in their home. Gagliano found out on the Internet, which means this sign, and considered that in this way the deceased interacts with them relative. It was worth them to come to this conclusion and thank the deceased for attention, as snow-white feathers ceased to fly into house.

77-year-old British TV star Gloria Hanniford convinced that the white feathers are sent to her by her late daughter Caron Keating, who died in 2004 at the age of 41 from breast cancer. According to Gloria, she began to notice feathers near her through four months after the death of her daughter. When Caron was still alive, she once told her mother that, as a child, she counted white feathers a sign of the presence of an angel nearby. When heartbroken Hanniford began to find feathers, she immediately realized who sent them to her and what for. Now the presenter does not mourn the daughter, because she believes that she is in the best of the worlds and it is surrounded by angels.

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