The deceased Hollywood actor was reborn in a boy?

The deceased Hollywood actor was reborn into a boy?Photo from open sources About the Hollywood actor of the thirties of the past centuries Marty Martina is known to few, even among those who are closely associated with the American film industry. But a ten-year-old child Ryan from Oklahoma knows every little thing from an unpopular biography artist. Where does he have such knowledge from?

The fact is that the boy claims (which is not given to everyone mortal) that perfectly remembers his past life. Schoolboy with with incredible accuracy and in amazing details and colors describes the era in which he lived as an actor, appealing the knowledge that he there was simply nowhere to draw.

Born in 2005 in a deeply religious family, Ryan with a very young age was an unusual child. To him constantly believable dreams, as if he were an adult who lives in the past and acts in films. Starting to recall the facts from his former life, the student was not afraid. He quickly realized by whom is and even willingly shared his experience with classmates in Hollywood, turning into a local celebrity of his school.

The boy’s parents did not believe him for a long time, despite that went to church and, in principle, should know that the soul man is immortal and can be reborn. They end up invited home experts, among whom were historians, workers film industry, psychiatrists and other specialists. Each of them confirmed that ryan is unique for his age knowledge, and they could not be read to him or otherwise received in this of his life.

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According to Ryan himself, like Marty Martin, he feels that his mental development in the boy’s body is still at the stage child, however, every month his intellectual abilities increase. Perhaps he will even try to do acting again. career. That’s just a little mature …

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