The dog constantly looks at the blue wall, and no one can explain why

The dog constantly looks at the blue wall, and no one can explain why.A photo from open sources

In the Argentine city of General Rock, a mysterious Labrador Retriever. The dog attracted the attention of ordinary people by the fact that now for several days is at the bus stop in Stephenelli district, looking at the blue wall of the structure. None of the townspeople cannot explain Chicho’s strange behavior (so the local the inhabitants nicknamed the animal). A dog can sit, lie or stand, however, her eyes are almost always riveted to the wall.

The dog is not afraid of people and eagerly treats himself to the food he is given. passers-by, but refuses to leave. Labrador behaves with Strangers are very friendly and wag their tail. Onlookers tried to lure the animal from there, but their attempts were unsuccessful. Just some kind of mysticism, many of us will think. Can be assumed that before us is a loyal friend of some individual, who left the stop and never returned there, however it is not explains why Chicho does not take his eyes off the blue wall. Usually dogs waiting for their masters, they behave somewhat differently.

The dog was examined on site by veterinarians. Doctors concluded that Chicho mentally healthy, and marveled at the unusual behavior of the animal is not less than other eyewitnesses. The Labrador turned out to be normal and indicators of physical condition. At least he is not blind, so we can safely conclude that the dog intentionally plays in peepers with a wall.

Meanwhile, the dog has become a kind of star of social networks. About him even told reporters of the international television channel “Discovery Channel “.

It turns out that one of the Internet users writes, to become famous all over the world, you must certainly accomplish something extraordinary. And if for a dog it’s a mystical observation blue wall, then for a person – the task is much more complicated. Necessary, at least suddenly get out of this blue wall and, patting Labrador behind the ears in greeting, retire with him to the unknown direction …

Meanwhile, the mysterious dog continues to peer incessantly into an equally mysterious blue wall. What does he see or try there see?..


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