The double of the Japanese singer was in the photo

The double of the Japanese singer was in the photoPhotos from open sources of

24-year-old Japanese singer Sayaka Yamamoto published in “Twitter” is another seemingly unremarkable shot. However, attentive fans of the young celebrity immediately found in the frame one incomprehensible and even ominous detail.

After that, rumors spread on the web that together with the girl in the camera lens got her doppelganger, that is, an evil double. However, some commentators are quite optimistic that that the double was kind or even neutral. So what riveted the attention of supporters in this photo supernatural theories?

A photo from open sources

Mysterious frame depicts Yamamoto sitting near the empty stool. Behind the Japanese woman is a mirror, to the left of which she is visible herself, a photographer … and another person, like two drops of water similar to backs to japanese! It seems as if reflected in in the mirror, an individual sits in an empty chair behind our heroine, that, of course, impossible. A little further on in the room you can see a certain lady in a white jumper, however, this reflection obviously cannot belong. Thus, many users of the World Wide Web concluded that we are talking about a supernatural phenomenon, namely double or ghost.

You yourself can make a certain, your assumption on this account by looking at the above snapshot. Or just brush it off – illusion, a glitch in the camera. Or maybe a failure in the matrix, like say some Internet users? ..

Mirror Doubles

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