The double of the journalist arose behind her during reportage

The double of the journalist appeared behind her during the reportingA photo from open sources

Observing viewers of the British television channel “Sky News” were surprised the other day when you noticed a live broadcast of the morning show “All Out Politics” is something unusual and maybe even mystical.

Political correspondent Laura Bundock stood with a microphone (telecast) near house number 10 on Downing Street, which is the official residence of the British Prime Minister. Suddenly, behind the journalist, a woman appeared who looked in precision like her! The mysterious stranger had the same physique, hair and clothes. And the most amazing, of course, the fact that she was right behind the back of a journalist, clearly hitting into the camera lens.

Many users of the World Wide Web, learning about this a striking coincidence, immediately stated that there was a gap in space-time continuum or failure in the work of the “Matrix”. Or maybe something paranormal, not amenable to rational explanation.

Laura Boondock dressed with a black coat and red scarf, no idea had that just a few meters from her was a woman in a similar outfit and with a similar appearance. When is the news about strange incident scattered across British sites, journalist reacted to her by writing on Twitter:

I think it was me from the future. I am glad that the future I dressed in a warmer coat. It’s very cold now outside.

It is noteworthy that about 10% of all people, according to statistics American researchers have seen at least once in their lives own doubles or heard about them from others. notice, that to see his double is considered a bad omen, as it shows practice, doubles appear before great misfortunes or even before the death of a person. True, in this case, Laura Bundock herself I didn’t see a double, and whether it was a double, and not just random coincidence is still unknown. That’s just the mystics say that in There are no accidents in this world, everything has its own reason, to unfortunately, most often elusive for our primitive consciousness …

Time doubles

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