The emergence of superpowers after an injury heads

The emergence of superpowers after a head injuryPhoto from open sources

The human brain remains a mystery behind seven seals. Enough remember that in the world there are many people who live normally, having only part of the brain, or even completely with its absence in the head. Of course, they are not geniuses, but they are not disabled – normal the inhabitants.

Another amazing property of the human brain is the acquisition of superpowers after a severe head injury. Not, Of course, this happens quite rarely, more often after such injuries people remain crippled, but sometimes it happens! And an explanation this phenomenon is not yet.

A photo from open sources

For example, Jason Paget in 2002 had a fight with two by the unknown guys who hit him when he left the bar. The result of this skirmish is a serious concussion. Coming out of hospitals, a man discovered that his perception of the world had changed, he began to see it in the form of combinations of complex geometric patterns. Paget began to transfer these fantastic “pictures” to canvas, and his amazing drawings soon acquired a huge popularity and demand among fans of this art because the harmony and clarity of these mysterious The paintings are simply mesmerizing.

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But the orthopedic surgeon Tony Chikoria did not seem to get mechanical a head injury, but one unfortunate day he was struck by lightning, after which, as the doctors stated, he was partially damaged brain, why he even temporarily lost his memory. But nothing happened the memory of the orthopedist eventually returned. Leaving the hospital Tony suddenly felt an irresistible urge to play the piano, although he didn’t even have an elementary musical education and was not able to to play this on any musical instrument. However sowing for the piano, the man began to play so that anyone could envy professional. Moreover, Tony easily played music that immediately composed, and, as it turned out, he revealed an absolute the ear for music is of very rare purity.

A photo from open sources

Tommy Mack Hugh earned a “head injury” during surgery on brain (surgery was performed due to rupture of the aneurysm). At the frontal lobe of the brain was damaged. But thanks to this a man, firstly, has lost all interest in drugs (before that was a drug addict), but most importantly – he got the ability to see strange images, moreover – it’s easy to transfer them to the canvas or embody in sculpture.

And there are thousands of such cases in the world, just few people know about them, because the “victims” themselves, as a rule, don’t like to tell, how and when they showed these great talents, and doctors in this case modestly keep quiet because explain such transformations not yet able. And just admire human abilities and to wonder at the capabilities of the human brain is a task rather journalists and writers, but not scientists …

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