The endurance of Yakut children struck foreigners

The stamina of Yakut children struck foreignersPhoto from open sources

Video about how Yakut schoolchildren return home from school in a severe snowstorm, literally stunned and even horrified foreigners. According to the portal Ykt.Ru, the material was filmed in the village Russian Mouth of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

The moment of shooting, of course, is not quite typical of an ordinary school of the day. The author clearly showed extreme weather conditions when wind speed reached 30 meters per second, and at the same time fell thick snow. Apparently, the frost that day was decent. However, the children still came to school. According to unverified data, in school classes were canceled that day, and in the video, once captured how students return home, learning about this the decision of the administration of the institution. At the same time they have fun and even trying to play, obviously very pleased with the snowstorm and bad weather.

Foreigners are not surprised in vain. The fact is that the Yakut children, in spite of any snow, frost and wind, still came to study. That is, for them and their parents, the weather is not an obstacle to the performance of their daily duties.

If something like this happens in Ireland, he writes in his comments one of the inhabitants of this, in general, is also cold of a European country, schools would close immediately, and all the children to houses. Parents would not let them out of the door in any case. A here … it’s just some kind of fantasy …

The second Irishman is also sincerely surprised at his stamina. Russian people, because, in his opinion, it is worth falling out in their country snow 10 centimeters, like life in any locality, “covered by such an element,” stops. So you look – and like aliens watching frosts and snowfalls – nothing at all.

Now it’s clear, writes another commentator why Russians are considered unusual creatures. They are not really from the world this, as if from another planet. Try to understand them and even more so win, as they tried to do repeatedly and in vain, if even children are more resilient, bolder, and to some extent crazier than European adult uncles and aunts …

Well, the video really turned out somehow fantastic, but not for the Russians themselves: if not for foreigners, they, true, did not pay attention to such, in in general, ordinary material. And here they turned and even with pride commented on it – well done Russian children, keep it up!


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